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Steve Gray has been a busy boy and wanted to have a bash at creating a new version of our beloved characters. So here is what he has done plus some other bit and bobs

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Hello ModDB it has been a while!!!!

A big hello to all of our watchers and to the rest of the ModDB community. We have not posted some news for you all in a little while which yes is very strange for us at the Original Studios, but here we are. Back again with a uber update to wet all of your whistles.

The team are all extremely busy with their personal studies at the moment as I am sure a lot of you all are as well with School, College or University. Don't you worry a lot of us are just as angry that we have to be educated as much as you guys probably are. I do feel that education possibly is a necessary evil. So we have been working as much as we can to try and bring you some new content at the same time and by God I think we have done it!

Here is your dose of Elementary School Warfare or ESW as we like to call it atm because we are all so lazy and usually communicate by grunting to each other over Skype. Which may I point out does seem to be working.

That is a thought for the other developers out there. Try Grunting!

I would like to show you some work from the wonderful the fantastic the......

Hold up, wait one minute. "Steve your amazing but man I must be stoned or in love with you. Ugghhhh in love with you, hmmm, confused"

Steve Gray has been texturing, modelling and rigging and well this is what he has been up too.

Steve Gray

Light switchSun Flower Books on shelfFire Alarm ExtinguisherOverhead Projector The WagonRound About See SawThe Go Kart

And just when you thought that was it...

Food vending machine in engine Food vending machine in engine 2

And what is this?

New character model 3

New character model New character model 2

Yes it is true Steve is a machine that we feed cookie dough and cheap booze to and we do make him slave his days away over creating stuff to show you. Hopefully soon you will get to see his animations in the coming week or so once we sober him up again which is a long process as you can imagine.

All the other guys on the team are really busy working on the game and studies and as a result did not want me to post up any of their WIP as they want them to look all spiffy and cool for all of you guys to gaze at longingly while we feed Steve some more cookie dough and cheap whiskey.

Well that is a wrap for now guys. Keep watching and we will keep posting you all the latest happenings.


wow! awesome! alredy wana test it)) you know all games is so serious now...

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Nice stuff. I can see that you are still working on the props.

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Donate by giving cookies to steve!
Nice models!

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I like the gun. yes it is totaly out of place and not fitting. but being inside a scool with such a gun gives it a nice touch.
it is so unfitting that it fitts again(if you know what i mean) you could add it as a bonus weapon like the quake damage. only for a short amount of time but devastating

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Dreads.maggs Author

The Unreal Link gun will be coming out of all of our screen shots soon, but the character animations and weapon animations take time. Please be patient and we will replace it with one of our many different types of arsenal that we are implementing in Elementary School Warfare

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