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Listing the various additions/changes/tweaks the mod has undergone all in one spot for those who are interested...

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Starting with basic info from the initial full release then more specific info from following releases.

FULL RELEASE 1 (The basics)

*Many, many, mannnnnny new battle models* (more added at each version)

All factions revamped to some degree, whilst retaining basic flavour
Better combat animations (more effective spearmen, no awkward slow shield swing from swordsmen etc)
Better gunpowder unit animation, no double reload glitch (so more effective gun troops)
More emphasised factional strengths and weaknesses
Regional/factional specific mercenary units recruitable in small numbers in many areas
AI more likely to make armies built around their core troops
Changes to unit stats across the board (also taking battle model appearance into account for armour stats etc)
New loading pics, New general bodyguards for some factions, Stronger alliances
More interesting and tougher mini-faction (regional 'rebel') armies
better AI,
new powerful 'monstrous' units and much, much more.


Faction early collapse Script:
Some flourishing AI factions were previously prone to early collapse due to no faction members bug, this has now been FIXED
Mod is now 4 Turns per year + script for normal aging
- each turn represents 3 months, starts in winter/january
Capital garrisons script:
All AI capitals will spawn some extra defenders if attacked/sieged, original capitals only
- makes sense that THE major settlement/castle of a faction would always be capable of attempting to defend itself
Enemy faction campaign AI improved using portions of Beermugs AI (on twcenter)
Minor factions are also more active and reactive


New customised general/faction member and agent titles on campaign map for factional flavour


Pale Knights can now recruit some crusading troops from allied Teutonic and Blood orders.
-They are recruitable from the docks in Acre Castle ONLY.

These include: crusading footknights from the Teutonic Order
impaler infantry sent by the Dracule.
-(several immediately available but very slow to replenish after that.)

Vashta can recruit ratmen units anywhere in the holy lands (Syrianna) but ONLY from Varnavik castle docks (Slavia) OUTSIDE of the holy lands
(they can recruit ratmen runners from temples anywhere)

Legionary names for all recruited Roman legionary troops in the core recruitment regions
- i.e Legio X Constantinopolous, Legio V Sirmium etc
- Roman core Legionary recruitment is good in Avernus, Hesperos, Eastern Hadea, much lower outside of these regions and won't get a legio name/number

Uruk dominion human troops (hoplite etc) only available in Hadean town/city regions


Tonder island is now owned by Greystoke pirate faction
Fulgora province goes to Uruks
Cusco province (in fire islands) goes to Paynal

Three new strong Minor factions to encounter, holding potentially wealthy regions:
Pirate Clans (Non Greystoke Pirates) - 3 regions
Skull Cultists (Uruk led cult with a secretive and deadly unit) - 3 regions
Northern Orcs (Uruk led orc warbands) - 2 regions
- Minor Faction boosts in key regions
some more interesting minor faction armies also lurking
AI major factions focus on attacking minor factions settlements (rebel) will lessen considerably after an initial free for all
(bunch of rounds) and focus more on enemy major factions thereafter
- longer survivability for a portion of minor factions - more fun for player

new strat map visual resource markers (fishing villages, mines, camps, market towns etc)
- visible resources much better reflected as regions actual resources, scout for visible resources and see if its worth the fight

trade income boosted, you now make decent money with the market chain, develop your markets + ports and get those trade deals!
lowered starting money and overall income for all
gold and silver mines make real money now and will make more again through trade

armies and agents less movement points per turn on campaign map
boosted army devastation to enemy land, rebs will cost you money
public order and settlement growth better balanced, you will have to manage public order
persistantly low loyalty generals can and will rebel, keep your lads content

zero general bodyguard recruitment at start, they will become available at low recruitment as you play
AOR local 'wall' recruitment starts at zero, they will become available at low recruitment as you play
- stops player taking a new settlement and being able to immediately spam recruit AOR troops
zero mercs at start - will appear regionally as game goes on so no instant merc spam

New battle map looks
lowered all siege power against walls
boost wall strength
catapults able to fire on all walls/gate types (bug fix)
less ammo for all artillery
removed fire arrows for cavalry archers and most lower tier foot archers
balanced/better scaled archer projectile effectiveness (bodkins, composite etc)
improved javelin attacks, will throw more as a group
battle map movement speeds on all ground types reduced a little - more tactical

"Freezing" issue when defeating a factions last settlement - FIXED
unit stats and unit recruitment adjustments after testing
(went through for many, many hours)
many building costs/times boosted/tweaked/adjusted and rationalised recruitment for castle/city
Sycorax have new family general units, very cool and a needed boost
Avalon non family generals are Armoured Foot Guards
Valient non family generals are Armoured Palace Guards
Gurkish infantry are now in extra sized "Cohorts"
Gurkish Empire now have a "Deckgunner" unit, like the Pirate Marines or Faust Stormtroopers, short range and very limited ammo but devastating.
No more free upkeep. Pay your men!
scutati guarda fight in the "Roman" style
kukulcan faction member general cav now has far more effective attack animations
Many minor bugs and issues squashed



fixed some pike units having shorter actual weapon range than they do on screen
several faction captains were silver surfers if captains unit was mercenary - fixed
Espania Espada and Mounted Espada fixed textures (scrambled)
Medici Sergeants fixed textures (new model)
cavalry better able to get full charge off
missing priest limit re-addded to 1st tier for eastern_european cultures
stopped surviving late rebels minor factions going on a recruitment bender
Lessened chance of ill-health triggering due to general remaining outside settlements in enemy territory during winter
boosted all generals/fm characters general starting health
papal and council missions will start to be given later on in game, no pointless "blockade" missions
cavalry and small size units better balanced in autoresolve
removed armor piercing attribute on thrown weapons but boosted regular power
(throw weps get autobonuses againt multi-hp units, with ap they were VERY OP against them)
multiple balancing sweeps of units stats/recruitment, load of tweaks and adjustments

CHANGES and NEW content:
Paynal are Reptilian lead faction - Generals are Golden Saurus
Lot of additional scripting added to improve campaign enjoyment, turn time speed unaffected
New character portraits for most factions
New portraits for Lao Che generals at campaign start
Faction background/info, lore updated
New loading screens/quotes added
New unique Stone Forts added in several places in campaign
Diplomats (including several Inquisition) added from start in useful locations for most factions, AI much more interactive
Pop growth boosts added on several specific buildings
GARRISON extra spawns added in key areas
ELEPHANT overhaul, new deadlier weapons, bit more resistant to projectiles, quicker to charge.
Thunder Mammoths/Gurkish Elephants are now volleygun equipped

Grey Pirates gain settlement in Syriana, 1 less in Mesocala
Uruk settlement in Ibellica changed to mainland, bestas island is now Minor Faction Pirate Clans
Northmen gain Sraken island (AI would repeatedly land troops there and not attack)
Untainted Minor Faction (rebel Reptilians) hold especially resource rich regions
Many, many other little things

Skull cult Minor Faction now has own dedicated infantry unit, recruitable at low levels by Uruks, Pirates, Lao-Che if you capture one of their regions
Other rare units available for certain factions, if you capture the right region
Sycorax gets much stronger mounted regular general unit
Pale knights crusading ritterbruder now wears Teutonic armour but with red helm
Pale knights regular recruitment boosted and reorganised
Merc pikemen and gunners (v.slow to reappear) and 2-hander mercs now recruitable at Acre docks for Pale Knights
Outremer sellswords recruitable in any Syrianna port for Pale Knights:
any Syrianna port above tier 1 for several others.
Roman Marines
Amerindian factions rebalanced

New mercenary units added
Ship mercs now cheap during crusade
Sweeped and rationalised merc pricing
BOOST to all mercenary spawning times, will appear sooner in game
(Remember, there are NONE at start of campaign, they will come available as campaign plays through!)

Compiled list of MINOR FACTIONS added/improved:
Untainted (Reptilians) - 3 provinces
Spartan League (Grecian warrior Kingdom) - 2
Skraelings (Norse/Rus) - 2
Hdar Heretics (Tribes and Ratmen) - 1
Serpa Tribes (Kukula riders) - 1
Norse Warbands (Northmen Raiders)- 2
Skull Cultists (Uruk led war cult) - 2
Northern Orcs (Orcs from the cold north) - 2
Pirate Clans (Non League Pirates) - 3
Ysmir (Northmen warrior Kingdom) - 1
Europa Minor families - More flavour and difference between them

Older important Minor factions:

  • Soldaten der Otterbach (Rivals for the Reich)
  • Senate Cohorts (Rivals for the Empire)
  • Burj Caliphate (Rivals for the Holy landers)
  • Northern Tribes (Amerindian warrior tribes)
  • Sumari (Steppe tribes)
  • Estnaya (Slavian rivals)

One question - are minors playable?

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