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Presenting the new downloadable client for Wonder, and talking about building up a community.

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Having a community for your game can be useful, no doubt.
It is useful for getting feedback, and it is useful for gaining confidence in your game. The minus(or plus) is that you need to maintain this community and keep in touch with the fans which leave you with less development time.
Building a game in isolation is not that bad as well. You have more time to work on your game, you can focus more. You do what you want with no influences from the outside.
This is how "Labyrinthica: The Quest Of Lima" was built, more or less. For Wonder, I wish to try a different way.

I am releasing a "Pre alpha" build of a Wonder client. It's not very user friendly but it should work. Just remember to edit the Config.txt file and change Name = Sargon into a different "sane" name.
You shouldn't use weird characters, and try to make the name not so long.
I have a server running in the US, the client will connect to it. The server hosts a small map with a few enemies.
You can talk with pressing 't', and you can walk with the arrow keys.
You can change the fighting state(Peace, Guard, War) with the Ctrl key. So if you want to fight enemies you probably want to press the Ctrl twice and then leave it.

I would love for people to try out this "Pre Alpha Client", and I would like to hear comments from you guys about the game itself or about how you think I can build a community around Wonder.
What would you like me to provide in order for you to stick around and wait for more?


I downloaded it and launched it, theres the GUI and everything, but the background is white, and I can't move O_o

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Nevermind, I got it.

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