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In this weeks Community spotlight we talk about a whole bunch of Left 4 Dead 2 content, the Fortress and much more.

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Wow do we have a lot to put into the spotlight today. We have so much to let you know about, and i kind of let this one stew a lot longer than i should and so this one is going to be a massive amount of information about what's going on in the communities that surround us. Firstly to our community:

Survivors Diary Community

  • Survivors Diary Season 2 Episode 7 - This week we talk about Swamp Fever and begin to look at tactics for Scavenge
  • Nation Red Review by Korean Thug - A review made by community member Korean Thug about a zombie slaughter game.
  • Xmas Eve L4D2 Game - Through vote we have confirmed that the Xmas eve Left 4 Dead 2 game will be scavenge but now we are voting over which map to play. We hope to have some deciding votes cast as a lot of these maps are tied and so we would really appreciate your vote to help us decide. Voting ends on wednesday.

Left 4 Dead 2

Well it's tough what to what order to put this stuff in but i am going to do my best. First up we have:

8v8 not happening - Valve

I don't know whether this is in response to the portal post that i made about the new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC but Valve recently destroyed our wishes about having an 8v8 player exprience with the new DLC. Which makes me kind of sad i think that 8v8 games would be fun, but they just mentioned that this would just be something that the community can make as there already exists 8v8 and 12v12 player servers for Left 4 Dead, however there was a hint of 8 player co-op which, if implemented will make me happy. Source

Bioh4zard updates coming soon

Those over at Bioh4zard are working hard on their mod and have promised us some new content coming soon int he way of screenshots and stuff like that. So keep your eyes focused on this website.

Bad Team Theatre Episode 41

Another hilarious episode of Bad Team Theatre is up for your viewing pleasure:

Left 4 Speed 2

A hilarious animation video has been pointed out to us by AA Killer and Srg.McMuffin, you can watch that below:

Merry Xmas

Someone, in the spirit of the holiday has made a funny Gmod video, thanks to AA Killer

Left 4 Dead 2 AI Bot Failiure

We all know how bad the bots are in Left 4 Dead 2 but this video really does show us how bad they can be, thanks to AA Killer:


One final thing for the Left 4 Dead 2 side of the community, AA Killer has linked us to a bunch of Vocalisers, which are commands that get your character to say things. You can have some fun with these and even perhaps they could help you with your map making or something. So thank AA Killer for linking us to these by: loraliromance

Team Fortress 2fortresslogo

I am not sure about how much of this community is made up of mine and Souls old Team Fortress 2 community: The Fortress but we'd like to let everyone know that we are going to be bringing that back in its own little fashion and also hint on whats coming new to the community. Firstly, AA Killer and one of his friends are going to be bringing a new section to the website dedicated to Valves other great game: Team Fortress 2. It will be dealing with pretty much anything to do with Team Fortress 2 in the way of news, updates, files etc. They have already got a server set up and I am sure that information about that will be coming soon but for now everything is being set up. We will be adding a brand new section to the forum for them and giving them a little bit of the website as well so that they have some form of homepage. We have noticed that a large amount of our community have TF2 so it's only wise to add a bit more onto the community to support these demographic.

But what does this mean for the rest of the website? Well with us expanding a bit more we will be making some major-minor-ish changes to the websites layout. It will still focus on Left 4 Dead and the Podcast but we are going to having the portal area being a place where any content for the whole website is displayed in a kind of listed fashion similar to perhaps how events are layed out on steam but we are still working on how that's going to be organised. This is something that we are still talking about and sorting out right now but once we've finalised on a design expect to see that coming in the not to distant future.

In the way of the Fortress, Soul is currently designing the website theme and the forum section ready for its implementation. I have some uploading and coding to do to support it and hope to have it up either before Xmas or afterwards, we hope to get it out sooner than later but expect a big news post on that at a later date. We would like to remind everyone that this is not going to be something that me and soul directly look after, we don't have a lot of time to manage it. We are just going to be proof reading some of the content that is outputted and that's it, otherwise its all under the guise of AA Killer.


In other news about what's going on we have two interesting articles for your reading pleasure:

  • Psychology in Video Games by KingOfStockings - This is a very interesting article about how psychology can be used as a weapon to defeat opponents in games and how computer game developers use it against us. It's for some good reading and has plenty of mention of Left 4 Dead, so check that out. He would like to see some feedback in this thread, so head over there, once you've given it a read and tell him what you think.
  • PC Gaming is better thanks to Steam - Destructoid - This article is tackling one of the things that a lot of console games believe and a lot of pc gamers will defend. It's the belief of whether PC gaming is dead, and Croteam, the developers of Serious Sam HD say that PC gaming is now better thanks to Valve and steam. If you are a valve fan boy, like myself then you should go over there and read it and rejoice in the awesomeness of Steam and Valve.
  • Dust-bite mentions us - We talked about dust-bite and her pet hunter Wergulz in our recent podcast and she has very nicely mentioned us in her recent journal entry. Go over there and show her some love <3

Well i think that raps it all up for this weeks Community Spotlight, there is a hell of a lot of content for everyone to keep checking up on and enjoy. We would like to wish everyone a very merry xmas or happy holidays depending on your beliefs and we hope that you have a good time over xmas.


Nice videos!

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