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Not everything has been mentioned in the last news.

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Hello once again, as promissed here is part for the 'players'.

thyr4ne and s0rk started the Nexuiz Fight Club, with the goal to host frequently for a more active community. They already hosted 2 One-Day Cups and the thrid is already on his way, also a 3on3 CTF cup. So there is something for everyone! For informations visit this thread:

As every month there is the Frag of Month Contest. For February the submission ime is almost over, but now its your choice to vote the best of this month. You can see the current submissions here:

Another upcomming thing is Bartuc's 50 brush mapping contest. The goal is creating a good, playable maplayout. Details can be found here:
If you dont know how to make a map for Nexuiz, visit ai's grand How-to collection For Nexuiz mapping you can use the Netradiant, which comes with the current Version of Nexuiz and is already configured, so you can directly start.

Since 2.5 the demo recorder is again included and you easily can record every game you play online. But recording the demos was a problem, thats why Green Marine build a demo recorder so you can record your demos in a handy avi-formart.You can grab the latest release here: Green Marine also made a tutorial video, where he explains how the recorder works.

While we are talking about Green Marine, he also started some time ago with a little Podcast series called 'Nexuiz - In Depth'. There he explains some unknow features of Nexuiz and also some lesser known tricks in the game.

Agama and Scorpion started to some comment some of thier 1on1s, which can be interresting for beginners in Nexuiz.

I updated the gallery a bit and explained the features you have seen. There is also the latest version avaible on ModDB. Questions and criticism are always welcome.

see you next time.


And quake live has more players than open arena! Nexuiz has a unique universe and unique identity! OA is just free clone of quake 3.

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OA used to have a 'clone q3!' goal but since Quake Live existed we're trying to break away from that now, no point in imitating its maps anymore. It also has an unintended audience of pro-gamers that get angry over any change I make, even when you change the q3 red color scheme to blue, a small trivial change towards its own style, you'll get a lot of complaints like it's the end of the world :(

Nexuiz had its own style since day 1, though its getting awfully close to having a Q3 influence lately. The main reason Nexuiz has had animations like this is because the animations were all done in 3D Studio MAX in 2002, and no one ever stepped up to completely replace them yet in Blender, despite Darkplaces adding lots of skeletal features begging to be taken advantage of like bone controllers (takes care of that 'model aiming' problem). Having a Blender DPM exporter provent o work would majorly help that.

Hey, for anyone doing a free game on an engine they don't know (i.e. not Source) it's always hard to scrap up an experienced hobbyist animator who would do work for free, and also in a Free license. On OA, I have to do all of the player animations myself. Nexuiz hasn't had an animator for something like 8 years. It's tough for everyone all around when all the potential artists just go straight toward the layoff machine (games industry) or failed ambition (99% of hl2 mods); it's not like the old days when generous project contribution counted as personal training for a technical artist, in which Urban Terror, Tremulous, and World of Padman took advantage of in 2001-2005. Those days have long been over.

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The one thing I don't like about Nexuiz is movement. Is there/will there be a mod for CPMA-style (or even Q3 style) movement in Nexuiz?

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