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Commanders of War II 3.0/C is released! It can be found in the downloads section! It features special shells (APCR, HEAT & APDS), the ability to zoom out more, longer viewrange for tanks, new vehicles and much more! See the description below for more detailed information!

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* APCR, HEAT and APDS shells to tanks, SPGs and cannons.
* Armor has a longer viewrange (~100m) where you aim, which makes it more independent in combat against enemy armor.
* It is possible to zoom out about twice as much.
* Infantry is 1.5x more expensive.
* New maps, vehicles, tanks, skins and content in general.

APCR shells have a better armor penetration than the standard AP shells. The German and Russian shells generally perform best over 80-100m, whereas the American counterparts are effective up to 120m. The supply of APCR shells is somewhat short for all of the armies, so these rounds should not be spent in vain against armored vehicles standard AP rounds can deal with.

The HEAT shells is most common for the Germans. The HEAT round is vital for the short-barreled 75mm tank guns of the early Panzer IVs, since they can't penetrate the T-34 and Sherman medium tanks effectively without it. However, the HEAT shells have a poor accuracy at ranges over 100m, and they are not particularly useful for the long-barreled 75mm tank guns of the late war Panzer IVs.

The British APDS rounds -available for the 6-pdr and 17-pdr- have, like the American APCR shells, an effective armor penetration at 120-140m, och the supply is also good; except that the British tanks equipped with the 6-pdr and 17-pdr have plenty of APDS shells, they also have them in their supply trucks. However, the drawback of the APDS ammunition is that it, like the HEAT ammunition, lack accuracy at ranges over 100m.

Commentary on the "special shells"
It is worth mentioning that the Americans and British are stronger now than before because of their access to high-quality APCR & APDS rounds. These shells make them more competitive against the Germans and their heavy armor. The Germans are also better equipped in the early war against the Russians and their heavier armor (T-34 & KV), as a result of the good supply of HEAT shells for their short-barreled Panzer IVs and StuG IIIs.

List of new units
* Volksgrenadiere
* SS Schützen
* FJ Schützen
* 75mm Leichgeschütz 18
* Panzer II Ausf.C
* Panzer 35(t)
* Panzer 38(t) Ausf.E
* StuG III Ausf.C
* Panzer III Ausf.N
* Panzer IV Ausf.J

* Guards Airborne
* 75mm M1927 infantry support gun
* BA-10 armored car
* T-38 tankette
* M3A1 Stuart
* Valentine Mk.III
* Matilda Mk.IIA
* M4A2 Sherman
* Churchill Mk.IV
* SU-85M
* SU-152

(The Western Allied tanks the Russians have access to are naturally Lend & Lease versions. Each Russian player can buy max 1 L&L tank/game).

* Airborne Infantry
* 57mm M1 AT gun
* M4A3(75)W Sherman
* M4A1(76)W Sherman
* M4A3E2(76)W Sherman

* Airborne Infantry
* Stuart Mk.VI
* Grant Mk.I
* Sherman Mk.V
* Churchill Mk.VII (equipped with a 75mm tank gun)

Credits for 3.0
* Thanks to the BTRH team for new maps (Forest 2, Glubinka, Marsh, Station 2, West Front & Westland), new tank skins, Russian Lend & Lease tanks, SU-85M and SU-152.
* Thanks to Blubor for special ammo skins & help with coding.
* Thanks to Kohlrabi for new infantry skins & helmets.
* Thanks to Heer_Sturmfuhrer for new infantry skins.
* Thanks to Weed Fallschirmjager for German halftrack skins.
* Thanks to Zeke Wolff & Sturmann for help with historical research.
* Thanks to Milojas for the map München.
* Thanks to Silentspy for the intro video.
* Thanks to Zlatko for M4A3E2(76)W Sherman 'Jumbo'.
* Thanks to Dinsen for camera mod.

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Finally Cow's response to Gsm :D

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I got some problem , when I plane the T-34 in the Men of War editor , it crashed

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