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Command & Conquer: Generals 2 MOD v1.55.1 upcoming release!

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Version 1.55.1, update as follows
APA whole system changes:
Add advanced war factory for the production of T2 vehicles;
Network Center at its center consolidation, used to unlock the T3 unit responsible for part of the upgrade, the hacker entered the proficient;
Armored personnel carriers, to switch the two weapons, conventional anti-tank missiles, missile power graphite (infantry assault, General APCs);
Cancel mortar squad (to fire Gen. Exclusive)
APA Infantry General:
Increase Stealth Tank (built by senior war factory)
APA flame General:
Increase exclusive Imperial tanks, rocket launchers comes burner, g upgrades Gatting cannon and broadcast towers;
Mortar squad for the general exclusive unit for self-propelled guns to replace Ray punches.
APA nuclear General:
Cancel own mortars, other minor changes.
Increase the "quiet edge" Shuxian Zhen: hero units;
Weapons: Sniper Rifle;
a, accurate sniper, you can destroy key parts of the vehicle so that the vehicle temporarily unable to fight
b, combustion grenades: throw a grenade to the designated area

EU-wide system changes:
Cancel Foxhound cannon upgrade, upgrade to the car repression, after upgrading Foxhounds can shoot to the car (Hummer stream savior);
Cancel Trident cars; Valkyries helicopter to remote weapon missile nest on the ground for long-range bombing;
Suitably modified unit construction tech tree.
EU Air Force general:
Increase Avenger cannon, using two guns on the ground and on the air.
EU Electromagnetic General:
Modify Alpha dawn, electromagnetic pulse weapons to bomb, to a range of vehicles and buildings off and cause injury.
EU energy General:
Increase the heat concentrated infantry, replacing ordinary infantry;
All laser to burn infantry weapon effects;
Thermal tank, range increase, replace railgun.

Increase the "weight" Gerhard Kraus: hero units;
Weapons: Portable railgun;
a, heat grenade: launch a grenade to the target area of ​​heat, burning infantry.

GLA whole system changes:
Only the Resistance and the early RPG shooter can build, choose science and technology need to upgrade the rest of the unit,
"Chemical Technology" after upgrading to continue to build blew infantry and infantry toxin,
"Recycling Technologies" to continue construction SA7 shooter and hijackers (upgrade can not be repeated, but does not affect another barracks, barracks can choose independence is different tech tree, namely the failure to upgrade the barracks were destroyed after the tunnel reconstruction)
War Factory:
The initial assault vehicles, four cannon, radar vehicle,
"Chemical Technology" bomb trucks, rocket car
"Recycling Technologies" Scorpio tanks, Predator Tank (upgrade with the barracks);
Biochemistry laboratory recovery, recycling plants can only build a fixed time are more proficient,
T3 are turned on in different units;
Cancel rocket pickups, to the exclusive stealth general.
GLA Chemistry General:
Increased chemical assault vehicle, you can open toxins pollution, a region
GLA explosive General:
Blew assault car, you can build a bomb trap;
Scorpio increase wheeled motorized stronger than normal
GLA stealth General:
Reserved all units, based on the canceled rocket car, the Predator Tank, rocket exclusive increase pickup,
Toxins infantry and hijackers without biochemical laboratory recovery and recycling plants for the front
Increase the "shadow" Magnus: hero units;
Weapons: silenced pistol;
a, placed a time bomb, after a certain time of the explosion
b, placed remote-controlled bomb, detonated manually

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Exciting :D

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looking forward

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hi gays is challenge ready for us to challenge?

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