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It has been a year since our last release of Viper. And now, a new year brings new releases!

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This December 25, at 12AM Viper: The Metro City Chronicles will be posted for download on this site as well as our brand new website which is currently under construction.

The site will open December 20th and the Countdown will be initiated to the release of
Viper: The Metro City Chronicles! Be ready to sign up on the 20th! We will post a link in the news at 12AM midnight on the 20th to the site for the Grand opening.

Special Offer:
For the first time ever, The Viper Project Modding Team will be giving away a limited edition copy of Viper: The Metro City Chronicles. Inside the archive, a limited edition poster promoting Viper: TMCC will be included for the first 300 downloads of the mod! The Limited Edition of Viper: TMCC will only be available on the website, not on moddb, so be ready at 12AM Midnight at the website, if your quick enough, you just might snag a copy ;D

Please note that it will be 12AM Midnight General Pacific Time (time zone on the Pacific coast of the United States) for those of you in foreign countries.

Remember, the site opens at 12 Midnight December 20th, don't wait to sign up, any moment of delay on the night of the release could cost you the Limited Edition Poster for our largest mod ever made!

Viper: TMCC will not be our last mod, well in a way it is, and a way it isn't. The last to releases of viper, 0.1alpha and 0.1beta were just test releases to get the bugs out of the mod and grow it into a full-fledged game-conversion modification. Viper: The Metro City Chronicles is the FIRST full release of the Viper Mod since its debut back in May, 09. With that in mind, we will now be releasing this "base game" to the public. In the future, a series of patches will release with new content and updates. But this release is what will start it all! The mod, when properly installed, has been found to have ZERO bugs and ZERO crashes. Only one account of failure to launch has come up in beta testing amongst the team and that is due to a problem with windows XP.

Regarding Windows XP glitches:

All releases of the Viper Mod including the soon to come Viper: TMCC have a detection sensitivity. If you are running on a copy of Windows XP (particularly SP2) the mod tends to crash in the loading screens when trying to start a new game. San Andreas will tend to act funny if there is the slightest bit wrong with your Windows OS. So make sure your Windows is properly installed before using our content or posting complaints on our site.

All issues aside, I would like you to enjoy this coming attraction for Viper: The Metro City Chronicles!

Regards from:
5dmc1 and The Viper Project Modding Team

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18 days left.......... I work as hard as I can

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