The Viper Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is based on the 90’s hit TV Shows: “VIPER”. Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0 has been released on May 10th, 2013.

Please note, the Viper mod is designed for the PC addition of the game, it will not work on console games. However, we have seen mods for the PC adapted and installed on consoles like the Xbox. So, if you want to play this mod on your console, it’s up to you to install it. We will only give support for the PC addition.

A complete feature list:
- All new cars
- Joe Astor Player model
- Frankie Waters Player model
- Working viper weapons
- New loading audio
- New loading screens
- The Base
- Zero bugs and no crashes from reasons in previous releases
- Cars can be stored in garages without the game crashing
- Metro City Police cars
- HQLM V2.0
- Enbseries
- Both vipers
- Additional Sound Effects
- Vipers have hex cell damage
- Vipers only take damage from rockets
- Probe
- Weapons: Rockets; AK-47; Statik Impulse Missile; Turbine
- Probe with: Minigun; Self Destruct; Night Vision, Thermal Vision
- Defender weapons won’t work if the weapon ore rear pods are closed
- Selectable First season and 2nd and 3rd season RT-10 <-> Defender Morph
- Completely reworked car spawn system to spawn other hero cars from the series
- Lock and unlock the Viper’s doors remote
- Real Viper Licence plates, the Viper’s will have the licence plate from the series
- Outside morph, if Season 1 is selected you can remotely morph the Viper from RT-10 to the Defender
- Los Santos Jailbreak, you need to break the Viper out of jail if you are arrested.

Features marked in orange will be in the next release of the Viper Mod.

We are not responsible for any damage this mod causes to your game, when properly installed on a computer with Windows working correctly (some installs can be corrupt due to a glitch during the installation process) and is installed onto a BLANK copy of San Andreas with no other mods installed, the game should run smoothly and perfectly with zero crashes or glitches.

You can find tutorials how to install for this mod on our website:

Please report bugs in our bug-tracker, in the category that corresponds with the version you use:

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RSS Articles

Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0 was a big update, it was a major overhaul to the mods code. Also a lot of new smaller things have be added, such as the remote Morph, Engine Sounds along with many other smaller things.

Overall I must say that the release went pretty good, no major shop stoppers for players. And I'm surprised that I have almost zero reports of users having problems with installing the map mods. Unlike Viper: The Metro City Chronicles, in which it was a little bit hard to install the map mod.

With Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.1 we will aim at adding new features to the mod, it will not be a major overhaul like V:TMCC 2.0. There will be a upgrade package for the users how currently have V:TMCC 2.0 installed, so that you don't need to re install the game. But as always there will be a full installation package.

In Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0 the morphing system didn't really change, not much at all infact. It was only recoded, and when it was done I noticed that most of the code is the same for every morph. For Viper: The Metro City Chronicles I plan to re-write the morph system and make parts re-usable. In a way that every morph will have its own sniffer thread, and then it will pass all the required information to the actual morph script. More information about this will be released soon.

Weapon System
In V:TMCC 2.0 the weapon system have been taken to the next step, in order to use a specific weapon you need to open the pod first that houses it. With V:TMCC 2.1 this system will be completely changed, it will use a menu instead of the current set-up. More information about this will also be released soon.

Got this idea from a ModDb user, how posted in on our ModDb page. And we will take a look if we can add an original Viper Speed-odometer to the mod.

One bug has been reported so far for V:TMCC 2.0, you can view it here. It is our first attention to get this bug fix, and if its an easy patch also release it for V:TMCC 2.0, and off course include it in V:TMCC 2.1.

For the users how also use our Website, you might notice that I have installed a new skin. I personally really like it, some sections might still need some work. Please report bugs if you spot them. The news section on our website also had an overhaul, it is now more of a blog type news section. Please look in this section frequently to get the latest development updates, since ModDb doesn't display them right away when we publish updates.

Viper: The Metro City Chornicles 2.0 Released

Viper: The Metro City Chornicles 2.0 Released

News 2 comments

Four years ago, today the first public release of the Viper was history. Since then there have been 2 releases made. But it is already more then 2 years...

Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0 Coming Soon

Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0 Coming Soon

News 3 comments

We are nearly ready to release the next version of the Viper Mod, Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0.

Viper Delayed

Viper Delayed


The Viper Mod has been delayed. Please read the news items for more information.

Viper: The Metro City Chornicles 2.0 Is Upon Us!

Viper: The Metro City Chornicles 2.0 Is Upon Us!


V:TMCC 2.0 is almost ready to be released! Watch our website for details!

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Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0

Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0

Full Version 69 comments

The Viper Project Modding Team is proud to announce the release of Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0. This version of the mod continues to add new...

VIPER: The Metro City Chronicles

VIPER: The Metro City Chronicles

Full Version 25 comments

Our Biggest Release of Viper EVER! After a year of hard work and dedication, Viper: The Metro City Chronicles is finally here! New Features: Play As Either...

Viper Mod 0.1B

Viper Mod 0.1B

Full Version 50 comments

WARNING!!!!! I FORGOT TO MENTION A KEY FUNCTION OF THE VIPERS IN THE README!!!!! Do not press left CTRL + TAB unless it is a last resort!!! This activates...

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas VIPER Mod 0.1a

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas VIPER Mod 0.1a

Demo 23 comments

It is finally here! The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas VIPER Mod 0.1a!!! The Mod and all of it's parts have come together in one action-packed, adrenaline-pumping...

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nice to see someone still beeing around here.
what about continuing this mod for GTA 5?
there we have an even bigger city and more modern graphic. there already exists a knight rider mod under development, but nobody started working on a viper mod yet.
Scripting should be no problem in this match, sounds could get a bit more complicated, but should be doable aswell.
I don't know, if Tobies Defender Model can be converted to GTA 5 somehow or just exported in an compatible format, but it would be very cool. it was a very nice model. Are you still around here, Tobie?

What do you think?

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KnightBob are you still working on the Viper Mod TMCC 2.1 ?

I have noticed some errors in version 2.0 and fixed the scripts and other files myself. I fixed some typos and the wrong city names (remember, MetroPol is like InterPol - its a Police network, and not the name of the city, which is Metro City - that needed to be fixed from all the way back to 0.1A release. "East MetroPol" is wrong, "East Metro City" is correct). Some sounds are way louder than others, or than in the 0.1B mod, such as the engine and hovercraft sounds, also the offroad sound didn't have the off sound from 0.1B and also didn't work since there was a space in the MP3 name, I had to add that then change the script for them to work. Frankie's Cuda in the base should be the only purple Cuda, since its unique and not a bunch driving around, that's fixed by taking the color out of the carcols.dat and adding it in the spawns.cs script. The GTS carcols should be 79,79 instead of 53,53 and also still doesn't have the RT/10 rims from the series (I guess we need Tobie1 or another modeler to make that for us). There's more that I fixed, little things I guess, but making the mod more screen accurate. When I'm done I'll offer the update to the fans of this mod on my page.

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Also wondering about the Modding Team website. It just points now to Viper Complex. ?? Let me know cuz I can get it back up if need be. I have the upgrades I made to TMCC 2.0 and 0.1B in SAMI scripts but so far I have nowhere to post the downloads.

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Is the site down? I'm getting error messages from your links. :/ If you moved to a different server, you should update those links. Or maybe it's just me, but I doubt, since other links work well.

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Please help. I can't get the mod to work. I've tried un and reinstalling it several times, I've tried on windows 8.1 and windows xp, I've tried with two different versions of video card driver, I've tried tmcc and tmcc2.0 but nothing works. Without the mod the game starts and runs flawlessly. I don't have any other mods. The furthest I could get is the loading screen and I see the character and then it instantly crashes. I don't know how I did that because now it won't even start. The game appears in the task manager for a second and then it disappears. I've spent 2 days trying to figure out how to make this work with no success. Please help me, I really want to play this mod.

Thanks in advance.

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KnightBob Creator

The only thing that I can come up with is that something went wrong with installing the models.

Have you followed every step of the read-me file? If you forget to install the models, ore did something wrong by accident, the game won't run properly because some map files are also changed.

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I've tried it several times, always carefully following the readme file. Whatever, I've already given up on it, it may be my low-spec pc that causes the problem :) thanks for your help anyway.

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Mine computer is also a low end machine, but still the mod works well, that won't be the issue, I would say.
So when you re-instal the mod, have you the clean version of the SA game? You have to have that, otherwise it won't work. May help if you do a back up of the clean installation for later use (for when uninstalling any mod).
When you install the mod, you have to start that little programme, which will add some things to the map, did you used that (you didn't stated nowhere)? Without it, the mod won't work either.
I don't know, how else could I advise you. That's all for now, what I can help with.

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Yes, I did that. I just tried it on one of my friend's laptop and it worked flawlessly. I did everything the same way I did on my laptop. Actually, what I forgot to mention is that when I try to install it with SAMI, I get an error message saying it couldn't back up C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas///eax.dll (yes, with 3 /s, i don't know why). It's a clean install, and yes, i'm sure that that's the installation directory. If I try to do it by unchecking the back up box in SAMI, it will do it with no error, but it actually doesn't copy most of the mod files into the SA directory.

I really really like this mod though, 'cause I played it on my friend's laptop for like an hour, and it's awesome, thanks for the developers! I wish it worked on my computer too :/

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KnightBob Creator


Tomorrow I will sort everything out, and take a look what is possible to get done and what is not :)

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