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If there's one thing that terrifies me about this project, it's to actually talk about it.

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If there's one thing that terrifies me about this project, it's to actually talk about it.

Now don't get me wrong. I believe that what I'm building here is a fun game that will be able to entertain and provide an interesting take on the rhythm game genre. But that doesn't make it easy for me to actually chat about it.

First off, it's because English is my second language and I generally feel like an idiot whenever I read what I wrote earlier. Either the grammar is off or I'm using some terribly verbose words to describe something simple.

But second, I suppose it's because I generally want to deliver and show something incredibly awesome right off the bat. If it were up to me, I would delivert this A+ game that will rock you from the moment you see the title screen. But the harsh reality is is that I likely won't be able to build this game all by myself without someone who can build/animate character models, nor can I actually refine the gameplay enough with input from other players. So yeah, that's where I will likely also need some help.

This is why I've been quietly been mentioning this concept online on a few forums to receive some feedback. Initial results were positive and I did get some nice ideas from some online users. And for the past few weeks, I've been making a lot of progress on the game that I feel comfortable enough to actually go on indie db to advertise this game.

The status of the game is that it's pretty much in the early stages. After several false starts, different prototypes, and various iterations of the current prototype, I am finally beginning to have a good idea what the game will be and how it will work out. I have various 'timed attacks' built in, got a, slightly crude, tutorial scripted and am now in the process of adding three songs into the game. Once I get these done, I'll upload a playable prototype of the game for feedback, but also to show that I actually have something coded. I'm hoping that the latter will help me in, eventually, finding someone to help me out with the character modelling.

In the upcoming days, I hope to take some time out of my daily schedule to update this page with information about the actual game, as well as upload a video. There is currently one online on youtube that you can find below...

It's an early look at the game, but gives you an insight into the gameplay. I will upload a better version of this video on IndieDB as soon as I can.

So consider this my 'hello' to IndieDB. I'm looking forward to what feedback you can offer me.

Kind regards,
Ruben van der Leun


Video fail.

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What's fail about it? =P Looks like a good start to me.

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It's a very creative idea, i'll give you that. I'm definitely excited to hear more about it, but i don't think its gonna be my style of a game. Now thats just my opinion i can guarantee you that a lot of people will find a game like this to be a great experience, so keep up your hard work.

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@ haliphax: You're comment fails.

@ rvdleun: My opinion; it got some good potential. As a coder/designer myself, I know how hard it is. The concept art is descent and works as concept should. I assume you work alone on this and that alone deserves some recognition.

Keep it up!

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