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That's right I've finally given it a ModDB page! Inside: the story of The Prussian and Castle Clark.

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The Prussian: For those who have heard of a mod known as The Prussian say hello to the new shinier version! That's right The Prussian is now known as Castle Clark. The Prussian was/is a mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent which I described earlier this year:

You are the owner of a mansion during a time of war. Your guest known simply as The Prussian has tried to persuade you to join the war on his side but you have tried to stay neutral. One day, however, you awake and find something is amiss. Strange things begin to happen and monsters now roam the mansion. You are unsure what to do but you know who is most likely behind it, The Prussian.

Part One of The Prussian is still available for download and I recommend you play it if you think you will play Castle Clark. In fact Castle Clark is a (self-declared) spiritual successor to The Prussian with similar, yet altered, themes.

Castle Clark
: Now we get to what is new. Story-wise, the main character's name is Oliver Clark. Oliver has just inherited his late uncle Alexander's castle in the Rhine Province of Germany. What will Oliver find there? Who knows.

Play as Oliver through (approximately) thirty levels of his late uncle's castle. From the study to the chapel and from the archives to the laboratory, Oliver will have to discover what is happening and why a monster now roams the castle.

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