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I release new version with many bug fixes and balance changes. The remake probably is last version before releasing Awakening of The Rebelion 2.9 - AOTR official mod.

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I detected some bugs and many things for improving balance. I did betatest AOTR Mini Remake finding and fixing bugs. I'am planning release the AOTR Mini Remake by konpies02 4.2 at 21st February 2021. If next version of AOTR mini Remake will be released before releasing AOTR 2.9 - official mod, changes are only changes balance and bug fixes. Next version basically will be updated to AOTR 2.9 the earliest in May 2021.

Venator and Providence star destroyer advanced loadout level 1 deploys Scurrgs and Freefals. I fixed some bugs mainly missing text for Fortressa and Lusankya and cloasing shops space units for Black Sun. I did small overhaul for Black Sun special remake units in deploying fighters and bombers and cost and time build Black Sun ships with advanced loadout. ALL normal KDY space units for Galactic Empire/Imperial Remmant can be discounted by Emperor Palpatine (except Mandator class dreadnought) and KDY Representative. All normal Black Sun space units from Ship Trader can be discounted by Dealer Trader and more changes.

The AOTR Mini Remake by konpies02 4.2 will be released tommorow.

Report found bugs
If you find bugs or problems, report to me. Found bugs or problems, I will try fix. Is last version before 2.9 except including bug fixes and changing balance.

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