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A progress update on an aspect of the combat mechanics

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Progress update on the combat mechanics

We showed you a little bit about the smash mechanic a while ago, but we’ve since added new functionality and better responsiveness and player control over the direction they smash in. Another new addition is the ability to chain together multiple smashes to wreak havoc on enemies and scenery alike.

We’re planning to give you a much wider range of moves to execute and combine to create devastating and just plain fun combos! These moves will depend on what modules you attach to your Tool, so some tactical planning will be required (No ultimate godlike combination of all powers).


holy hell that's awesome is it scripted or realtime? the destruction i mean

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Fully real-time and fully playable :) As with all of these things, it's pre-alpha footage and we are looking to further modify the physics in order to allow us to interact in specific ways with the broken chunks (we can't say too much more on that yet though...) but it's solid and works hand in hand with modified Apex destruction and PhysX rigidbody simulation.

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