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Bunch of stuff done, and just a few things left to wrap up.

So whats done so far, lets break it down.

1) Player weapon/shield overlays - No clipping, slight bobbing, basic swing/block animations
2) Player combat - Close range, directed combat. Uses a conical area of distance to check if the player can hit target, also checks vs. player accuracy and enemy dodge stats. Strong attacks can stun enemies.
3) Enemy reactions/animations - Completed animation sets for Henchman and Formless monsters, I need to completely redo the Bowman's skeleton before I finish him.

A) Henchman, 12 frame walking, 6 frame attacking. +4 and +2 additional frames from the Duke3d version.
B) Formless, 6 move, 6 attack frames, double that of Duke3d version.

4) Truelly fixed camera turning thanks to Ken.
5) Sound effects rigged for missing, weak/medium/strong attacks, enemy hurt, and enemy death
6) Levelup system, increases HP, accuracy and damage of the player per level, double XP required for next.
7) Bunch of little things here and there....

So here's a video of the animation in action. Stay tuned for a demo of combat once the basics are done. There is still a bit of work to do in refining the AI, including rewritting some parts that have grown cluttered.


Hey, I just found your game here, it looks interesting. I like the otherworldly atmosphere of it, it's quite strange.

So, the models are voxels but are they actually treated like sprites in the engine? It seems to me that they look like regular rendered, view-facing sprites rather than models made of voxels to me. Am I being mislead by the low frame count of the animations?

I'm also curious, what are you using to make the maps?

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scott_aw Author

Evaldraw renders them with squares instead of cubes so its faster.

So they resemble sprites more...which is kind of the look I'm going for anyway, and of course speed.

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