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An action color-matching arcade game "COLORD" is now available on Google Play Store.

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Hi everyone,

We're two close friends from Istanbul, Turkey decided to make actual games. We've been working on our first mobile game project for some time and released it for Android(yet) couple days ago. We'd like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it. Even if you don't please tell us why so we can make it better. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

We're waiting your new ideas/suggestions.


COLORD is a casually hardcore mobile game released on 11/11/15

The main idea is simple and fun. You need to pass obstacles that are same color as yours using left, right and dash buttons. But obstacles aren't as simple as the main idea. Different types of obstacles appear and number of obstacles increase as advancing next waves. There are also in-game bonuses that help player in some ways. After achieving designated score brackets, cool-looking, polygon-art skull ranks and some funny titles will be unlocked in the menu.

"Upgrades" and "Glyphs" can benefit player to get through higher ranks easily while "Spirits" add spice to make the game more blissful. Important fact is that the best way to achieve high ranks is using dash repeatedly on obstacles to maintain combo while enjoying higher points, coins and more pleasure. Almost all aspects of the game somehow related with combo chains. Even that some upgrades, glpyhs, slow-time bonus and some obstacle types include this system. To make the game more enjoyable and stormy, Achievements can be set as goals. Also you can challenge your way to gain a seat in Leaderboards.

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Thank you for your time, have fun!

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