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Beta 4.1 fixes several crash bugs as well as featuring several new gameplay and graphical enhancements.

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On Saturday, we released Beta 4.1 of our mod. The main goal was to fix some issues that were causing the mod to crash when loading certain missions. Instead, we decided to give you guys some extras:

- Added main battery bow artillery to Battlestar Pegasus
- Added new sound effect for main battery cannons
- Added new mission "The Captains Hand"
- Added new ship icons for GUI
- Added custom cylon missile impact animation
- Updated Pegasus texture (still roughly 85% done)
- Updated Basestar textures
- Updated Columbia textures
- Adjusted explosions and other particle FX
- Adjusted some weapon variables for balance (ie; nuke damage radius)

We are aware that some users are experiencing a few crashes when large numbers of fighters are on-screen at once.

Due to changes we made in Beta 4.0, fighters now behave in a different manner, which is more expensive on the CPU/GPU and as such, lower end machines (such as laptops) may crash from time to time.

We are working on a resolution to this, but it will not be available until the next release (no patch in the immediate future)

If you have questions for us go to our forum at

You can download Beta 4.1 from ModDB at this link:

You can follow us at:
Thanks for reading, we will see you back soon

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Thanks for the update!

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