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.: Colonial Update: 17/03/2010 :. Nexus: Battlestar Galactica

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here galaxy366

Progress: As you have seen we have finally released V4.0, doing some great work like models and effect's and we are really happy of it. Then here is the change list of thing that have been changed & added:

- New Pegasus model ( only 70% done)
- New Galactica model
- New Columbia model
- New Cylon Basestar model
- Changed fighter range
- Added new missile's
- Added latest flak
- Fixed problem when launching fighter to enemy targets
- Custom explosion textures

Future: we have nothist that there are problems with the patch and we are working hard on fixing it. We are planing to release it next week.

Then for people that are wondering will there be MP? then yes there will be MP in the mod but only after we have completed the single player.

For the community i will answer some questions about the mod.

TacoLlamaSauce asked: Will there be an Single player campaign?
Galaxy366 Answer: Yes we will have an campaign but not mission selected, It will be an dynamic campaign as Nexus.

johnathanhuddle asked: Will the Colony be in the mod?
Galaxy366 Awnser: Yes it will be in it but not directly, because it is an large model and there is not many reference. But to make it clear it will be in it!

If you have more questions for us go to our forum at

You can download V4.0 from moddb at this link:

You can follow us at:
Thanks for reading, we will see you back soon :)

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