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What we learnt with the help of this project...

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today the demo of our project Cold was released on the website of one of the best German magazines: GameStar. Here a link

But we want to show more the comments on our demo. They were all negative ^^. We´re very new to that business. We know how good games are made but we didnt´t know how to make good games the time we were making Cold. We heard form other people and studios that prototypes can be very small. So we thought that we could make a fast prototype, send it to MS or Steam and then we would start to make it with more quality. But as you could see we were wrong. Cold of course didn´t pass but we didn´t want to lose all the progress. So we released the demo. This was a very important step for us. We learnt much by doing this. So now we want to concentrate on making good games. Not extremly fast as Cold. We first create a prototype with real AAA level. We test it then a long time to see if the gameplay is good. AND THEN we will try to apply to Microsoft or Steam. We will concentrate very much on quality now and not on making something nonsens. But we learnt very much with the help of Cold .

Please visit our blog and decide in a poll about the future of Cold:

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