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A general list of locations for feedback and information, where I will be looking and where you can organize and communicate effectively.

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Codex Edition v1.1 is currently uploading and should be available shortly, I've removed previous versions of the mod for the sake of brevity and ease of access to the mod but have included information on how to update if you had an old build - patch notes are available on the download page and included in the download, but more importantly, I want to try and organize the community for this mod a little bit better, rather than being disorganized and limited to groups of friends, rather isolated.

To this end, I've now setup a steam group which can be found here: which currently sits at a dozen members and I hope to see more of you there. My aims are to use this steam group for balance discussions, general discussion relating to the mod and to socialize with others who enjoy the mod, as well as serving as a place to organize community events. I'll be looking into getting regular play sessions up for those interested and generally organize everyone to have as many people as possible playing Codex.

Secondly, we've got a community discord which can be found here:

I've mentioned this before, but I figured it would be more relevant to an announcement relating to the new update. This discord is for a similar purpose as the above but more real time. You can get in touch with me easily through this discord as well as organize play sessions and discuss in another medium, this is mostly as some people prefer discord to steam and vice versa. When you do join the discord though, please mention in Introductions that you are here for Codex Edition - this allows the staff on the server to tag you appropriately, so you can access the appropriate channels for Codex/DoW II.

Regardless of which platform you choose to join in the action on, I look forward to seeing you there and hope you enjoy your time with Codex Edition.

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