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We are moving at a good pace, heading in the right direction to showing in-game footage "soon", despite that, we still wanted to give some form of update none the less!! See below for more details on our FPS arcade game being created on EPIC's UDK engine.

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Dear community,

We are moving at a good pace and in the right direction to showing in-game footage "soon", despite that, we still wanted to give some form of update none the less!!

Development Updates

Our hud concept art by kyo is mostly plugged in-game by TOP-Proto, including weapon icons, ammo/clip status, health, armour icon with everything functioning as expected. He is now working on the player Buymenu screen, the UI part was yesterday coded in, all buttons and functions operating as seen in TO. Left click buys weapon class, armour item, right click purchasing weapon+ full clips and full armour.
Over the last 24 hours he has coded in the purchasing and selling system (aka TA Shopping) which as I speak is being tested by Joolz and Thor.

Drakk Lord in the last weeks has drastically overhauled the weapon handling, everything from the weapon switching, firing states to reloading. This includes how the weapons cycle, autoswitch after throwing a grenade, remember last states and so on. Further details are listed below that we thought you might like to know Smiley

Reload switching:
- You can not STOP a reload action once started.
- Sequence must first finish THEN swap to weapon after
- If a player is in middle of reload and dies, the weapon still drops

User friendly options have been made such as:
- "auto reload" weapon when empty preference (toggle on and off)
- "auto switch to weapon after pickup" preference (toggle on and off)

There's much more to do, but he's nailing his tasks quickly and we are very impressed.

Macfrog our web developer has created a fantastic new streamlined media page, which will go live "soon" (all rights reserved!). It is user friendly and together with mmt's graphics.. it really looks the real deal! We can't wait to show it off, but as you can imagine this is something that takes time! His other tasks currently open include setting up a Web Admin system that later server administrators will be able to use to control their server (usual things such as change level, restart, and player management).

Kolby has coded in most of the objective system, such as escape, plant C4 and the buyzone management - there is more testing and tweaking to do, but the majority of it is done! Next in line is on to the sound channel management, creating new "channels" so users can adjust music, environment, voice and announcer sounds to their preference (in menus).

So, moving to the art teams, there's alot going on across all areas;
- weapons being approved, re-touched, some re-done
- weapon animators tasked up and chugging away
- merc characters in early progress stages
- level assets being created, put in-game across all levels

The list goes on and on.. below are a just a handful of tasks that we wanted to show you, as well as allowing the artists to show them publically and publish in their portfolios.

Environment Updates

Modelled & Textured by Peter "pAldred" Aldred

Frostbite Russian Signs (thanks to community member "Zlodey" for the feedback):

Frostbite Environment Scene:

Table and Chair:

Modelled & Textured by Chris "CDRose" Rose

Security Outpost Building:

Modelled & Textured by Jason "midwinterdreams" Matthews

Springfield XD .45 ACP:

Library Assets:

Modelled & Textured by Stefan "Rockstar6" Groenewoud

Electric Meter:

We hope your found our update interesting, shedding a light on all areas of development. We are proud to work with many fine talented people across the world and these media releases do not give them the praise due!

For the artists out there, we are looking to take on 1-2 more weapon modellings/texture artists to bulk our team, if you are familiar with 3Dsmax, can create high poly textures and hard surface texturing we would love to hear from you!

If your interest, please hit the Apply button here

Please Support TA, we require licence for Adobe plus other software
Click here to lend your support to: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and make a donation

Coming Soon....

Our next media release
A pre-view of Matt "mjl86" Lefevere's level accompanied by some exhilarating artwork from our texture and modeling department!

Stay tuned...


On reloading:
Why not make the reloading a bit more free, like, switching at certain stages of reloading? For example, when one presses reload, and switches weapons, the weapon wont switch before a certain point in the animation (Ex. After taking out the magazine, putting a new one in etc.), when one switches back to the weapon of choice, the reloading mechanism could continue where it left off, realistically speaking.

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Nice an update :-D

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