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Showcase mission 'Hunted' for USMC Marines and interesting information.

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New gameplay CoD4 MW : Return to Alpha IS HERE! version 2.7

What with project?!

With project is alright, but with problems and lack of free time progress of the mod slowly, but still developing. I know that you want already playing this project, but in project are still a bunch of problems which need to be fixed for a good release. It is also necessary to implement a lot of things such as old weapon animations, old level geometry, but for this it takes a huge amount of effort and time. Less negativity, what's new?

Team factions on the certain levels.

Now you can select factions on the certain levels via special menu (W.I.P.)
select factions

select factions2

This is due to the fact that in early versions of CoD4, developers used American marines at the levels instead of the British from S.A.S. The differences between the factions are level dialogues and even some script scenes.

Stand-Alone project.

In current stage - project now this is stand alone project! You now don't needed buy or download CoD4 for launch this mod. Just download a separate game. But, need to notice that everything can change about this issue, be ready.

List of changes:

- Increased memory limit, 500mb.

- Increased assets limit like xmodels, xanims, fx, sounds and etc.

- For each level was added _patch.ff with game assets. Now mod more optimized than before.

- Added original test maps by IW: pain and vehicledamage.

- Beginning scripting of the levels: scoutsniper and sniperescape.

That's all for now! Have a nice day!

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looks good so fare.

How do you increased memory limit, xmodels, xanims, fx, sounds and etc in SP?
Thought that is only possible through COd4x (MP)?

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