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This news post demonstrates new sniper rifle models. Gives you information about a new download that was added - unique wallpaper. Also something from the mod's user's interface and music is revealed.

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Hi all! Welcome to the new look of the Back2Fronts profile header and preview images! I decided that I will bring them more dark and depresive tone. Also I decided that I will make greater pauses between particular news posts. This is from two reasons. First, I will be able to make the news posts more interesting and information-full because I will have more to talk about (due to more things to show). Second, it is better from time-requirement reasons.

Now to the news.

I have several models to be finished. Quite a lot of them, lot of work to do. But I managed to finish 3 sniper rifles:

  • German Mauser Kar98k + Zielvier
  • Springfield M1903A4 + M82
  • G-43 + ZF-4

The models itself are complete. They are imported into game and ready to use. I took quick 3D renders from them (so not ingame). I put them onto nice background image and added description. By the way, I will speak about that background image later on in the text. Picture here:

I have taken also short videos capturing the 3D renders in motion :-) If you listen you will hear a music playing at background, I will speak about it later on as well.

You can watch here, or use video section.

CoD2 B2F G-43 + ZF-4 (work in progress)
3D render (not ingame), moving light and camera.

CoD2 B2F Springfield M1903A4 + M82 (work in progress)
3D render (not ingame), moving light and camera.

CoD2 B2F Mauser Kar98k + Zielvier (work in progress)
3D render (not ingame), moving light and camera

The thing which is not done are the new animations for G-43. For testing purposes of the new G-43 model, I had to use old original (and ugly) CoD2 animations for G-43. Initial works on better animations have been started but not finished yet. So far here are some shots of the G-43 with old animations:

You can watch here, or use image section.

Now the promised new download. In the 3D render picture of all 3 snipers togather (first picture from top), you can spot a specific background image. This picture is now available for download as a wallpaper in 6 various sizes (all JPG format):

  • 1024x768
  • 1152x864
  • 1280x960
  • 1280x1024
  • 1440x900
  • 1600x1200

Go to Back2Fronts wallpapers in the download section for download. You will download a ZIP file containing all 6 sizes. Here is the preview of the wallpaper:

User's interface
The wallpaper picture will be also used as a background image in the mod's main menu. Same applies for the music from which you could hear some tunes in the videos above.



Looking great, or should I say it makes me cry! As promised I will begin work shortly because Ive gotten closer to finding the files I need. It is also a week long break from school which means no interruptions for 10 days (2 weekends and an extra day)

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And you're my new heor in all the modding universe for making the best model for my favorite sniper weapon platform. the G43 is truly a great weapon.

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