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Looking for anyone willing to help out in reviving an old mod.

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What's currently on my mind is the Operation Market Garden project by the Benelux Development Team way back in 2006.

While it is a beautiful piece of work, it is sadly unfinished and some parts of that really show (for me at least.) So now here I am fantasizing about how good of a mission pack or standalone mod this project could have been if the production had pulled through in a complete fashion.

So, with authorization from the mod's original authors, what we have in mind is to expand, enhance, and hope to fill the blanks that were left when the original B.D.T. team project came to a close. I am no mapper myself (I'm more of a sound effects guy than anything else), but I greatly feel like giving this mod and its content a breath of fresh air can lead to a good creative undertaking for the classic COD.

Djole22lt is already working on his own Market Garden content (particularly for "United Fronts") as well as enhancing some of the original mod's maps, but anyone else is welcome to chip in and help this revival take form.

Anyone want to help on my mod, ? Currently looking for people with:

  • Mapping experience
  • Experience at converting old maps up to UO standards (if such a thing can be done)
  • Weapon modelling, animating, and textures (i.e. the British anti-tank PIAT)
  • Character textures (for the different factions of the operation)
  • Voice actors or voice files for Polish forces and Dutch Resistance

If you are interested contact me at . This mod, apart from me and djole22lt, doesn't exactly have a modding team yet, but still. Any kind of support is gratefully accepted.



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