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We've been rethinking some things about Cloudfall, both design and story wise. Take a peek at where we're at now.

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After a while we decided to drop the Radial GUI altogether and go with something more traditional. Here's what we came up with.

Cloudfall GUI update

This will make it more usable on touch devices, and we like the constant availability of options on screen, even if it "breaks immersion" a tiny bit.

The 10 small circles above ability buttons are orb counters. Orbs are used to unlock segments of the game and can be found by solving various puzzles in the world.

Energy Orb picking up

For some reason they also bond to you, when you get nearby :)

Cloudfall’s world is split up in (mostly) disconnected segments (dimensions to be exact), which you need to explore and solve their puzzles in order to progress.

Each dimension is a small chunk of open world space to explore where various puzzles will impede and dictate your progress. Since the acquisition of powers (needed to solve most puzzles) is up to you - that will change up the way you can progress through the world. However the powers can be acquired relatively early in the game.

We divided the puzzles into two categories. Soft and Hard puzzles. Hard puzzles are the meat of the game. They come as a series of smaller puzzles and can usually be found in (often enclosed) areas, solving them provides energy orbs.
Soft puzzles will usually block passages and hinder exploration. Neither reset once they're solved.

To end this update here's a small peek into some art stuff and how lightning currently looks/behaves in game.

cloudfall art peek

Lightning Strikes

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