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I am here to make maps people with who want a map made my best area is desert maps I can try to do jungle and small villages such as country side maps. So any need of my services PM me or leave a post. And i will try and do the map for you. The Image is one of my maps I made.

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I am able to make maps and I am available 7 days a week any one can ask if it for a mod or just a map you want made

Also I am not a mission maker I am just a map maker as I am still learning the scripting stuff.

Here is my map i made so you can see what i have made.

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tracking you :)

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Looks like me not getting many job requests D:

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A small rural town got any think in mind any sort of looking town or you not fused.

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here's a map idea the ruin remains of Berlin an urban map you'll find trench half destroyed buildings corpse blown up tanks bunkers floods and signs that say its Berlin trenches are the low trenches (cause that's a snow trench i found out you can make it look like dirt using color changer) normal trench Mg's placed every and German or soviet banners flooded bunkers everything that's to do with destroyed or and you can make some places fortified to show that Germans tried holding out there like big buildings example churches

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