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Hey people, after getting some critism about the story (Mapayne even e-mailed me a few weeks ago :)) we desided to redo the story.

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Hey people, after getting some critism about the story (Mapayne even e-mailed me a few weeks ago :)) we desided to redo the story.

2012: A Russian scientist researched the hypersapce space engine en they built the first ship with hyperspace; the Tartan class patroll cruiser.
2013 the Russians found a planet with breatable air and colonized it and called it Coruscant.
2014: The Russians formed the Inter galactic empire and began building their empire from Coruscant. 2020: While the Intergalactic empire was taking planet after planet the UN desided to rise up and so they formed the Earth Alliance to take arms against the Intergalactic empire.
2025: Both faction encountered the Black hole pirates who are the true leaders of the universe.
2028: Battle of planet Earth; the Earth allaince and the Intergalactic empire have to work together to fight the Black hole pirates to defend their home planet: Planet Earth.
2030: Begin of the era of mass destruction; All three factions built superweapons to wipe out entire planets and destoy entire stars; the Earth allaince build the the Viscount of death wich has rapid fire canons that fire Nukes, The Intergalactic empire came withthe superlaser technololgy and they built various superweapons including: The Deathstar I and II, The Eclipse class star destroyer and the Sovereign class star dreadnought and the Black hole pirates used something different: they built the Hallow Bastion battleplatform wich doesn't destroy planets, it turns them into deadly lava worlds where is no life possible.
2045: the Begin of the end: the Intergalactic empire and the Earth allaince desided to make peace and they work together to defeat the Black holle pirates.
2060: The battle of Nibiru; the last battle in the Earth at war timeline, Nibiru is the last planet that is being controlled by the Black hole pirates, this was also the biggest battle in the Earth at war timeline because the entire millitary of all the factions fought in that battle, while the chosen one defeats the Dark emperor (leader of the Balck hole pirates) in a one vs. one sword fight the all the units from the Black hole pirates suddenly dissepeared in ash and the Galaxy was turned back in it's origional state. The Humans don't want such a war again so they destroyed all weapons and blueprints and finally the universe is in peace, for now......
I hope you like this story better :) and if possible we'll also make a campaign mode for this mod.


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kinda cool but wahy to keep the true star wars ships and planets if the story set is completely different
other than that is ok for me

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