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Cleaning out a mod folder is useful - especially when its 2.5GB

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2.5GB. Wow. Waaaaaaay too big.

Its full of crap, including most of the AlienSwarm textures and models. I've since gone through, put everything into a new mod folder, which is now 1.66GB (i've got a ton of beta map files and things in there, and the HL2 map files to attempt to get RD working again). It seems that RD may have to be released as a separate mod to cut-down on load times, which could get quite long. Support for Ep1 and 2 isn't planned, although its pretty easy to implement, just changing map names and adding a weapon_portalgun entity to the first map or after any disarm scenes. If Ep1 and 2 does get added it will need to be in a separate mod as chapter names would end up being duplicates, like the first chapter of Ep1 and 2 would also be called 'Point Insertion' rather than the actual name.

Speaking of Reality Decay, i've gone and made a quick buglist for it, some can be fixed through modified maps, the rest are broken at engine level.

Engine Level: NPC's can't fire bullets
Portal under-water isn't working properly, it looks like the portal is on a sheet of paper
Broken weapon_physcannon
Broken mega weapon_physcannon
Broken combine ball vendors

Note that I haven't tried the whole of the game yet. Also, if anyone still has a copy of Reality Decay from 2007 then please could you shove it on a DropBox or something? I can't find my copy of it and the server that originally hosted it has since been shut down (the whole site has gone, and good riddance, it was horrible).

Also, I can't remember how to get the guns working again. I remember that it worked fine in Portal when running under the original Source 2007 version. There is only so much I can do before re-compiling the DLL would be necessary, and Valve have yet to release the Portal Source Code.

Finally for those who care I am starting a personal blog on LiveJournal. Not gonna be too interesting, but I've been asked to do more writing after my English exam (in which I scored 75/80, and those 5 marks were lost because they had the spell checker off).

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