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Today we talk about class, Skins and the development of the game. Good reading

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Hey guys today i post a new article.
I decided to add a class system to two types of characters in Blood-Hunter. There will be Sniper, Engineer, Medecin and Vision.
I'm describing them now.

SNIPER: He has got 50% more ammo for any weapon with a viewfinder (zoom + x4) .Capable to become invisible for 30 seconds all 300 points. This
class produces no footsteps. A class for more experimental players.

INGENIEUR: Able to repair his weapons and armor but also those of his teammates.
Il will be very useful when moving to the area a protected view that it will also repair vehicles. 
It also has a number of ammo increasing by 50% for any SMG. This class is intended for beginners.

NURSE: Able to treat his members and himself. 
It has a defibrillatore to reanimatedr but also to kill the enemy at close range when ammo is scarce.
In addition, it has a pistol capable of redoner 30% of life to allies but can be deadly for enemies as a poison. 
A class that will definitely play by the players remains at the back of the battle.

VISION: This character is able to detect enemies from a distance and mark them upside down to take a setback.
 In addition it can deploy 2 flying drones capable of firing small electric discharges (5 discharge per drone and removing 10 HP).
 This class is for seasoned players, experimental but also devious.

These 4 classes will be available at the end of the game. If this game works I am committed to making a playable job class with each of their specificities. 
I take this article to explain but can in detail the goal of this game.

The parties will be divided into 8 areas very large as civilians, that the hunters will have to capture them or kill all the civilians. 
The part will end when all members of a team are killed. The number of Kill will be decisife to make money in the game. 
There will be two types of money (The Hunter-dollars, which will be available at each end of the game and Kredits only available for purchase.)
Do not worry all the skin and outfit will be debocable with the money win. Only skin limited edition will necessarily have to buy.
I would post sketches of the game's elements (skins and character above).

I'm having a console port like the xbox one x to take advantage of the performance of this one
And the future article will be a tutorial to show you i make caracters. Fom her good reading and I thank you for your support.

                                                                                                                               Guillaume- Ronan Gies
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