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Are you ready to fine your own place in The Skies world? Are your plans ambitious enough? Endless opportunities are waiting for you... If you want you can create your clan, take part in clan wars and gain the power over the territories and their profit! He-he... let's see who will be ruling...

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Clans are groups inside factions. In the game world there’re several factions that can be at war or at piece with each other. Clans compete with each other inside these factions to acquire higher positions in general rating; the strongest clan represents the faction. Players can select or change a leader of a clan taking a vote. One more important thing about clans is that clans can fight for a town and then get percentage of its income. Wars for a town become possible under concrete circumstances. Moreover, a clan can built a proper base which increases its rating inside the group. Clans can also attack bases of other clans – it gives additional points to their rating whereas rating of the defeated clan becomes poor. Leader of the first clan in a faction can declare a war or make peace with other factions. In case of war a player gets good remuneration for every killed enemy, this recompense becomes smaller during periods of peace.

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