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Clan Quest Mod 2.1 is still on the way, with new quests, character skins, and integration with UP 7.x and Camarilla Edition 1.4

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It's been some time since an update, so that means it is time to tell everyone what I've been up to. The biggest effort, as of late, has been integrating the various versions of the unofficial patch that have been coming up, as well as Camarilla Edition 1.4. Both of these will be packaged along with Clan Quest Mod in the next release, 2.1. That's largely been a testing and bug fixing effort, since mixing so many things together tends to cause new problems that none of the individual packages anticipates. In addition to that, I've posted a few new screen captures of some skins that I have made myself. One is pretty basic, and the other, for Flynn, I was quite unsure of how it would turn out, but I think it looks quite good. See for yourself in the images section. Finally, I've also posted a clip from the upcoming new quest, where you operate as a hitman.

Of course, as always, one of the big things holding me back is new voice acting. I'm currently looking for one voice actor in particular to fill a few parts. This is always the worst part! I pose the question to you, the reader, then: would you rather have more content with less new voice acting, or less content but with good or great voice acting? Or do you not care about the voice acting: it could suck as long as it's the completely package? I've set kind of high standard so far, although some of newer voices in smaller roles aren't as good as the folks I cast for major roles. I'm interested to know what people think, as it might change the direction of future Clan Quest Mod development. If no one will miss it, it would be a lot easier to churn out new quest.

Tyrranus - - 243 comments

Honestly while great voice acting really adds hugely to the game as a whole, I think that text alone is fine untill you can find the right voice for a role.

Again my earlier advice, Quality over quantity.

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Eylam - - 83 comments

Stay with voice. I dunno how it is with other people but if it's just a text I'll skip it and won't read it. If there's a voice I'll enjoy and suck up every little bit they are telling me.

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JoshMILF - - 23 comments

More voice, less quest. Quality over quantity.

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burgermeister01 Author
burgermeister01 - - 580 comments

As a much of a pain as the voices are to acquire, record, and animate, I'm glad the consensus is clearly to 'Keep the good voices'. It seemed to me that the quality voice acting was something that really separates CQM from a lot of other fan made mods. So if most people feel the same way as I do, I'd continue to do it as such!

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dark-wolf - - 89 comments

Well.. more quest and less voices.
Vampire bloodlines is really a good - in my opinion - thanks to its atmosphere.

I can read English (and it's not my mother tongue) without any voices, as long as you have the background music (again .. atmosphere).

it seems that you are a perfectionist person (which is a good think for us LOL), but unless you are a very lucky person, it will take forever to find the RIGHT voice .. don't you think ?

and again .. a BIG THANKS for your great work regarding vampire bloodlines. I feel certain that one day we will have a sequel to this great game !

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SoniMax - - 157 comments

the more voice acting the merrier :D

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Nilth - - 12 comments

I'd say more content in terms of quest and their quality.
Secondly voice acting, but only when it's worth it. (bad voice acting could be counterproductive. :)

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reallybigjohnson - - 133 comments

i love this game and play it at least once a year sometimes more often depending on number of decent games released. this mod is a must have, so thank you very much for all of your work.

as for the voice acting and quests i usually prefer quality over quantity. if there are parts that are hard to find voices over then just text is preferable to bad voice acting.

i played tons of mods for morrowind, oblivion, fallout 3 etc. a few of the quest mods had good voice acting, however most didnt and it really detracted from them to the point of me sometimes simply deleting the voice files. in those cases just text was superior.

i almost wish games would go back to a simple voiced over greeting and then have the main dialogue in text. it was much easier on for modders to work with.

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