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Version 2.1 of hte mod adds an achievement system, a new quest, updates some of the other integrated mods, and adds a new cut scene.

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Today marks the release of Clan Quest Mod version 2.1. This version has been undergoing work for some time, and it really shows for itself; there's a ton of new features being added in this edition of the mod.

Most prominent is the fully functional achievement system available as an add-on to the game. Most gamers are familiar with this feature seen in many other titles: you complete challenges in the game and you are given a metal with a fun icon and a slick name. This achievement system does just that, with 36 goals for players to reach for. This system is not cobbled together by any means, either. New achievements pop up on your screen upon receiving them, and all of your awards can be reviewed in game via a simple menu interface.

Next on the list of new features are several new voices being provided. Previous versions of Clan Quest Mod left many of the new dialog lines unvoiced, often in the face of not being able to find a suitable actor to fill the roll. Version 2.1 completes fills out the roster a bit more. Skelter, Lorenzo, Jane, Dennis, Rico, and Darnell are all characters, new and old, given voices to makes the mod more complete than ever before.

Of course Clan Quest Mod, couldn't have the word 'quest' in it without at least one new quest being added in this edition. This next adventure begins after the player completes Fat Larry's mission to retrieve a briefcase filled with money from the clutches of a gang transaction. Should you return the case to Larry, you'll be contacted by a member of the duped gang and coerced into completing several contract killings. This, of course, is a mission geared towards Kindred that wish to use their gifts for evil and not good.

Meanwhile in the Bloodlines community several other fantastic patches and mods have been created since the last version of Clan Quest Mod, so in the spirit of trying to keep as many of the mods packaged together, several of these have been rolled into Clan Quest Mod as well. This includes keeping up with the latest versions of the Unofficial Patch, bringing it up to 7.3. This is integrated directly into CQM. Also featured is Camarilla Edition version 1.4 which adds a new quest from Bertram, as well as an in-game online college, and customizable night club music.

Last but not least is the feature that many have been waiting for: the new cut scene providing a real striptease dance performance by the game's sexiest Vampire, Velet Velour. This scene is about a minute long, but can probably be enjoyed many times over by fans of Miss Velour's aestetics.

Naturally this is all building from the foundation set by previous versions of the mod which include these key, core features:

- Eight new quests: one available to each of the playable clans, and one quest for evil players.

- Two new cut scenes integrated into vigilante scenarios

- Seamless integration of most other major mods created for VtM:B including the Arsenal Mod, Camarilla Edition, Pop's Difficulty Mod, and the Music Mod.

- Selective installation of many custom PC and NPC skins and models created by the VtM:B community

- New voice acting provided by semi-professional voice actors.

Please enjoy the mod by downloading it from one of the following locations:

Patches Scrolls
Strategy Informer

(Other mirrors coming in the next few days)

Happy gaming!

SoniMax - - 157 comments

Good work
I wish i had time to try it :(

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Eylam - - 83 comments

Awesome work! Gonna try right after RIFT beta ends :)

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hk00107 - - 9 comments

Awesomeness! I'll definitely revisit Vampire from this. BTW, just sent you an email you might want to see about the mods I worked on and the installer, I both found and fixed a fairly big problem.

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Nilth - - 12 comments

Awesome :)

I vote for more quests for the (eventually) future releases, possibly with a lot of care to implement them as much nonlinear as possible (use of dialogue skills, male\female differences, etc..)

Keep up with the good work :)

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JoshMILF - - 23 comments

Squee! I'm gonna start a new playthrough now, I think. How difficult do you find camarilla edition, by the way? I normally play games for the story and don't really care too much for a challenge but a lot of the features sounded good.

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burgermeister01 Author
burgermeister01 - - 580 comments

I find that Cam Edition is pretty easy. You geta ton more experience, and a lot of the disciplines are way, way ramped up.

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hk00107 - - 9 comments

I really think the gradual bloodloss feature of CE edition is sweet, but as burgermeister said, its actually easier than vanilla. Me, I prefer a challenge, so I play nightmare mode on a regular. The main attraction for me to play CE is the different disciplines, but I've pretty much played them out since last Clan Quest mod edition, and honestly, i think the histories from histories revised make the most diversified character concepts of any of the mods. Bottom line: try it out, try out anything you haven't yet. That's part of the point to me of Clan Quest Mod, something different each playthrough.

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Tyrranus - - 243 comments

**** its finally out!! YAY!

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Nilth - - 12 comments

Burger maybe you didn't know it, but your work has been mentioned on a RPS article, today :)

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