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CKII Pharaohs & Consuls Alpha 0.1I Public Release for playtesting

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Hi Supporters and Fans, I will firstly thank you for following the mod’s long progress and slow development over the last year as I had many personal issues which took away time from development. I am glad to release an updated alpha build which as far as I have tested is stable with the lastest build of CKII with the latest DLC “Monks & Mystics” enabled as well.

There are many missing features in this public build, such as societies and proper secret “faith traits” for the religions of Antiquity. These features will be implemented in the next public build, as well as further improvements to decisions, events, gfx, and most especially the Siciliain Wars, Persian Wars, Alexander the Great’s Campaign and the Rise of the Roman Republic.

I began this project several years ago as I am a huge fan of Antiquity and it basically represents all of my modding abilities & work so far in CKII, it was my first modding attempt and is still ongoing as I develop my modding skills.

Alpha 0.1I – Release:

Designed and Running on CKII (WHCB)

Checksum with mod enabled: QZTE

The mod has been developed and tested with ALL of the major DLC and the latest patches. It was an early design choice and has been adhered to throughout development, my apologies to those who prefer being able to play without major DLC. It might run while missing certain DLCs, I can’t say as I haven’t tested this functionality. (Cosmetic/Unit pack DLC being present or not shouldn’t cause any issues) I do not offer support for earlier versions of the game or versions of the game without all major DLC/Expansions.

Build Info:

1st Era Bookmark is well-developed and in a playable state: 653 – A Reunited Egypt

The Timeline system in place is AUC, which in latin stands for the year in which Rome was founded. So 0 AUC = 753BC. + 99 years = 653 BC

The later bookmarks are still VERY WIP. Currently the Sicilian Wars, Cyrus the Great’s rise to power, Ionian Wars, Alexander the Great’s Campaign, and the Punic Wars are being implemented, they are not really playable.

I chose the year 653 BC as it was quite a “Pivotal” year according to the research I’ve done. Pharaoh Psamtik had just finished pushing the last Nubian and Kushite allied elements from upper Egypt and consolidated his rule over the twin lands. Cimmerian and Scythians are a growing threat to the Medes, Assyrians, and most especially the Kingdom of Lydia. Elam has just finished another war with Assyria and is a critical point which will soon see the Kingdom disintegrate or become a vassal to either the Assyrians or Medes.

NOTE: All of Britain, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, West Africa (Ghana/Mali) are practically untouched so these areas are currently empty. (India is full of placeholders) They will be developed in the future as is possible.

Major Notes:

  • Egyptians, Persians, Assyrians, Arameans, Elamites, Lydians, Greeks, Babylonians are all playable with a decent amount of content per culture/religion.
  • Moderate amount of headgear and clothing/hairs have been implemented so far. (barbarians exempt)
  • Many provinces and holdings are still WIP in regards to proper names.
  • Many smaller localisation and gfx issues regarding proper flag images and cultural/religious titles. (moderate amount of gfx flag work accomplished, plenty in the works)
  • Casus Belli Revamp is in the works, but the current release version is using vanilla cbs. + borrowing a few of Steve’s cbs.
  • Still very much early WIP for gameplay balancing.
  • Major additions to Ambitions, Plots, and factions is in development (inspired mostly by CK2plus, AGOT and Geheimnisnacht)
  • Music and some artwork are mostly placeholders and used in a creative fashion as this is a not-for-profit modification.
  • Provincial Resource system is in early stages with a few examples, Gold,Cedar, Ivory etc usable by building the appropriate building chain in local holdings.

Known Issues:

  • Improper balance, some scenarios/cultures/religions much more challenging to play as than others.
  • Roman Republic/Monarchy still in early stages with prototype gov not implemented in the public build.

Minor Notes:

  • Localisation for diseases, minor titles, flavour events, items, and some provinces are still unfinished.
  • “Barbarian cultures” IE Pagan in-game (European and East European, West African etc) are mostly undeveloped in this build and are being fleshed out further in internal builds.
  • Integration of the new portraits is still WIP – partially completed for Germanic cultures
  • New Inventory system is untouched, but will receive an appropriate update to the mod's setting in the near future.

Special thanks to Galle (Paradox Forums) for a ton of advice and his amazing assistance in the modding process.

Special thanks to Witcher (Paradox Forums) for historical advice and guidance.

Thanks to Kryo (steam) for the integration of his transparent map mod +borders.

Thanks to the Diadochi Kings mod team for allowing me to use their unique font.

Thanks to Diadochi Kings mod team for usage of all assets etc

Thanks to DerGroseKA for interface assets from Imperium Universalis mod.

Thanks to Fishman786 for integration of the Painterly mod.

Thanks to AGOT mod team for the use of several art assets and code examples with integration of ambitions.

Thanks to Illathid and the Geheimnisnacht mod team for several coding examples, general inspirations and hopefully more integration of several gameplay/ui assets in the future.

Thanks to the Magnate lords (apg?) for the concept and idea, I built my own system using his as inspiration, also used a few gfx province pics (temporary placeholders as the system is still being integrated fully in the game -> will mostly be a reduced version of Magnate lords itself.

Special Thanks to my playtesting mates and contributing Devs, and anyone else who may have slipped my mind at the moment.

This mod is in an ALPHA state and is still heavily in development, multiplayer should be stable [within reason, this is CKII ]

Download Link:

Size is approx.: 425 MB

Mod Installation Instructions:

Simply download the .rar file and extract it to your \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\

And then checkmark the “Pharaohs & Consuls 0.1I” box in mod section of your Launcher.

>If you encounter any bugs, issues, or general stability problems, please inform me at the Paradox forums at the Topic for the mods development ->

Thanks for following Pharaohs & Consuls Development so far and for your input and contributions everyone, I hope you enjoy!



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