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Obviously most of you guys had a difficulty adapting to the non-linear style of the map and thus have dificulties passing it. But this is a demo and its made to turn on people on the project , so i will include a step-by-step instructions on how to pass the DEMO.

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1) Regroup with Major Zhukov:
As every high-ranking officer he is in a safe position and awaits to give you his orders ( note voiceovers arent done so youll just have to visit him ). To find him just go north of the church ( you cant miss it, its the first thing you see at the start ), you will see Corporal Korolov guarding the entrance to a house, enter the house and go to the basement ( the door to the right of the stairs ) and see him.
2) Search yellow house for Al Asad:
This is very easy, the objective points to the house, Korolov will stand in front to cover you while you enter the house, once you enter feel free to clear it of enemies, obviously Asad is not in there
3) Advance to the cinema:
The easiest way to do is just follow the main road, once you reach the white block youll notice a KIIHO , which means Cinema ( II should have been N upside down but IW didnt make that letter so there you go )
4) Meet Kozlov:
Well he pretty much acomplishesh the objective for you so youll probably have no problems with taht
5) Meet engineer on the other side of the cinema:
This objective has to be acomplished in a specific order otherwise it will not work. Enter the cinema through the main gate and proceed to the left ( "When in doubt about where to go, follow the enemy spawns" - remember that from me ) after the toilets go north and you will see the engineer. Note: Soon after that 2 enemies spawn behind him that should kill him. You can try and save him if it will make you feel better, but in the final version he will die one way or the other.
6) Get Explosives:
Just enter the room next to the engineer and get them
7) Assault projection room:
Now this gets a bit dirty, the door to the projection room is located in a coridor to the right of the cinema main gate ( when you enter the cinema notice there are two gates, left is the main room, right is the corridor ) then just do what you do best, shoot the enemies.
8) Kill Asad:
A little spoiler for you thats a decoy Asad, I have bigger plans for killing him in the final version. Just fight up the projectio room until you reach the camera room ( dont ask why the camera is floating ) to the right is a small corridor that leads to a small bar, from there you will probably kill Asad without even noticing, his security is just too big
9) Get GSM:
This probably doesnt make sense in the demo, dont worry in the final version everything will be explained, just enter the Internet cafe oposite the cinema ( its full of computers you cant miss it ). Get the cell phone. ( for non-bg users the subtitle when you pick the gsm spells " HQ - The subtitles are working" ).
10) Take up defensive position in the building next to the cinema:
This is a little tough at first, but once youl read this it wont be, infront of the cinema, to the right of the movie poster is a small door with a letter A on it. Thats where you need to go, obviously you can use the stairs to get to the third floor and snipe the enemy
Note: both apartment 0 ( should be 10 ) and the one in the far end of the coridor will work nicely, just get closer to the windowm or the balconies and start sniping.
Note: If you dont have a sniper just look through the building, if youre too lazy to search then:
R700 under the bed in apartment 0
Barret under the bed in apartment 6 ( thats not marked, basically its the apartment to the left of ap. 7 )
M21 silenced in the wardrobe in apartment 2
Secret weapons cache in the basement, this one you will have to find yourselves ( see if you can find it or not )
11) Reinforce SAS:
Some reinforsing you dont even see them, anyway exit the apartment the same way you entered it, go east towards the park, after you reach the corner of the building go North, youll notice a russian soldier running towars cover, its a good idea to help him.
12) Cover SAS: Now this wont start until you get to the wall ( or sort of wall ) that the russian dude is at, after if you look to the east youll notice four SAS troops runing towards you, make sure you kill all enemis before they kill the SAS.
13) Regroup with Soap:
Or just go the SAS hiding place and follow the objective star, after that just hold up until a tank comes to reinforce you.
14) Enter hotel:
Dont know how you can miss the entrance, after that get up the stairs and take up poistion in the northern rooms ( the one on the 2nd floor works as well as the one on the 3rd ), and just shoot the enemies. When done go back to where the russian gunner was and enter the building
15) Find Voronin:
OK i goofed on this one, there is no objective star, just move upwards towards the big statue ( you cant miss it, its big ) make sure you take the road between the water fountain and the drinking fountain.

And thats it. hope its now easier to play. Kick but out there:)

P.S. To Those who didnt read that this is a demo and were calling me names well .... you suck XD


Thanks for the guide. For those ******** who are ripping on the demo, well you can go **** yourselves.

The demo is great and the non-liner style is a nice take on a very liner game.

Keep up the good work.

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Very handy. I ended up running up some stairs in the cinema and then kind of got stuck after jumping down into some room. It wouldn't let me out.

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