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Development of Cinders visual novel enters its final stage. Pre-orders are available from the MoaCube's website. Purchasers get to to try a preview build of the game immediately.

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We just finished our fifth Cinders milestone (out of six)!

The game is now feature-complete. We just need to finish the story and add the endings, and it's release time! All the character and location art is done, too. Including lavish ball attires and side characters, which Gracjana (our artist) has a tendency to make the coolest. I mean, come on, look at this guy:

A certain shady character

Rob - our composer - has finished his work on the game's soundtrack. All the tracks are in, and what's more, he re-sent me the tracks we already had, with samples replaced by live clarinet performance by the lovely Rhian Workman.

Rhian Workman

So what's left now? Gracjana is working hard on the ending screens, while I and Ayu have a lot of writing to do. We have the prologue, and we know the endings, but we still need to fill the whole space in between. There are probably going to be some bugs and other improvements we'll be fixing along the way.

We're not sure how long it's going to take, and we don't want to impose any strict deadlines that could hurt the final product. I think it's safe to assume that the release is about a month from now.

Cinders pre-orders are open!

The game is now available for Pre-Orders. You can purchase it for $19.95, using one of the buttons below. Buyers get to play a preview build of Cinders right away. Here's more info.

Pre-order Cinders for MacPre-order Cinders for Windows

After you finish playing the preview, we would appreciate if you'd sign to our forums and leave your feedback in the Cinders Beta section. We're set on making this as good as possible, and knowing what you think of the game is very important for us.

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