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Chronicon got Greenlit - a big thanks to all who helped! Lets see what the future brings...

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Thank you

Chronicon is Greenlit!
Wow! This feels amazing. It's incredible!

And it happened so fast too - I was expecting months of wait, and it only took 18 days.

I want to thank everyone who has voted and supported me otherwise.
Thank you!

What's next?

Now I must attend to the boring business end of gamedev, and it'll take a couple weeks to register a company and get tax approved and all that stuff. It happened a lot sooner than expected, so I must admit that I am quite unprepared.. nevertheless, I have already started.

My goal is to release the game in Early Access so that I may hire a professional for proper sound design and some other things, but most importantly so that I may get feedback early on and establish a community who actually gets to help shape final product. The best way to make a game is in good company :)

I aim to have two out of the five planned worlds/chapters for the game done before any kind of EA release, just to flesh it out and provide a good chunk of gameplay. With that in mind, plus the company registration and tax stuff (it's all voodoo to me), I cannot set a date yet, but it'll likely be a month or so before Chronicon lands on the Steam Store.

I will, of course, continue updating this page with news, screenshots, and articles as I make progress.
Stay tuned, and thank you!

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