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Wanting to know what fate happened to your great-great grandfather over 100 years ago, you have traveled to the Castle of Brennenberg.

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Update: May 27, 2012

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Your great-great grandfather suddenly left Mayfair leaving an unintended child behind with his fiance. Unknowing of Daniel's fate, your great-great grandmother was surprised to find out, that she was pregnant. Months after Daniel hastily left her, leaving her a letter.

"Maria, I'm terribly sorry that I have to leave on such short notice. This Orb, that I found in Africa. It has called upon a unseen force that follows me everywhere I go. It has killed people that I knew, and I'm scared... no horrified that it might kill you next. Please I beg of you, please leave Mayfair and go far away! Their is a man in Prussia who said he could help me. I can't bear to lose you Maria, please get away as far as you can!"

Confused and heartbroken, she obeyed. Learning years later, that the house she stayed at was destroyed the day after she left, all the remained was a few pieces of shattered wooden beams. Traveling to America, she was horrified to learn of her unborn child. Cursing Daniel for leaving them both alone, she refused to remarry and tried her best to raise her son the best way she could.

113 years later, you have found out where your ancestor; Daniel had seeked out. A man by the name of Alexander in the wilds of Prussia. Located in a remote place called the Castle of Brennenberg.

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