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Some more news about the progress I am making at the 24th of December !

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Well hello everyone !
I just finished the first R'lyeh map, and I am really glad with how it looks. It is a 250x150x100 giant, and I had a very hard time doing it, I think you guys can guess why if you just take the time to check out the Screenshots.
I am very glad to be "done" with this map, I will take into account the feedback I receive and most likely change some more stuff in R'lyeh 1, but I consider this map complete. Time to work on the next maps now, I think I might actually do some scripting/note-writing for a while, but I'll most likely post news when I start something new.

I think the mod shouldn't be late, February still seems a realistic goal.

Keep commenting on the images/news if you want to, it keeps me motivated : D.
And more importantly, merry Christmas to everyone ; ).

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