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Chopmania is on Steam - reclaim humanity's land, after Earth fought back deforestation and egulfed it in plants!

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Hello all,

we’ve announced our new game in development, and revealed Steam Store pages lately.

With Chopmania we aim to promise a fresh take on all those digging & mining games. Inspired by the legendary Motherload, Chopmania now promises a fresh take on the genre by switching up the mining with chopping trees for a greater purpose - which opens up a whole new dimension & entertainment for players.

Chopmania is a relaxing RPG where you reclaim humanity’s land, after Earth fought back deforestation and engulfed it in plants! You’ll need to cut your way through overgrown forests, uncover some mysteries on the go, and save humanity!

chopmania cover image

Chopmania on Steam [Store LINK - more about the game]
Windows, Linux
Planned release: 2023

chopmania screenshot 1

chopmania screenshot 2

chopmania screenshot 3

chopmania screenshot 4

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After the world has cut away too many forests, something happened... it appeared as if Earth fought back and started accelerating the growth of trees at exponential rates. Within a ew years, thousands of cities became ungulfed in trees and started eroding back humanity's land.
Humanity put momental efforts into trying to keep the spread back, but it's barely holding on.

Rumors spread that there were supernatural forces at work, fueling this exponential growth, but all efforts thus far to uncover the truth have failed...

In the last efforts to save humanity, several outposts were deployed deep in the woods in an attempt to liberate the remining cities and uncover something that would give hope back to humanity... You are in charge of one of these outposts with your trusted harvester... Go now, chop chop!

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