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You can now get the full version of chomp, available for Windows, Mac, Linux! If you have any question i’ll answer with pleasure!

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You can now get the full version of chomp, available for Windows, Mac, Linux!
If you have any question i’ll answer with pleasure.

You can get demo of chomp on this page.

Full version is available on Game jolt:

And now the interview!

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Eric Gachons, I live in Brittany in the Cotes d’Armors and I am a programmer. I started to get interested in computers and video games in the late 70s. I started in basic TI99 4A Texas Instrument, then on Amstrad CPC 664 color, where I learned the assembler and made my first video game model. In 1995, I was hired by the company CRYO interactive, until 2003. Subsequently I worked for various companies still in the same field. I am now independent, and co-founder of Punksheep.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​making chomp?

After ARKEDO, I planned to launch my own creations and sell them on the web. I had the tools and experience to take on such a challenge. Knowingly, I knew it was necessary to start with a project not too ambitious, and likely to please the greatest number. My choice naturally went to a classic arcade game, I mean PAC MAN, which can be played by young and old, men or women. Finally, I spent a lot more time than expected, for a result that exceeded my expectations .

Did you do everything alone?

No, I took care of all the technical part and a good part of the game design. With the help of three accolytes: "Mickey", "golgoth 71" and Anthony Thomasson who brilliantly ensured the level design / balancing, graphics, sounds and music.

What are the characteristics of "Chomp"?

It is a game inspired by the classic arcade type, inspired by the famous PACMAN. The difference is that the content is more important: 40 levels, 5 graphic universes in HD, many combo, options and bonuses, online scores, several game modes and even the possibility of playing with two. The design is beautiful and very colorful. Soundchip type music masterfully accompanies rich and nervousgameplay. To discover for the youngest, and sensations to find for those who have experienced the arcades of the 80s.

Your favorite games, your inspiration?

As you have noticed, the arcade is part of my universe. I’ve always been drawn to action games like shoot’em up. Some of them, besides, I’ve scored forever: R-Type, Choplifter, DoDon Patchi, Layers section, Tiger Heli and many others. I also enjoy some platform games (Rayman, Donkey Kong Country) and racing (Lotus Turbo Spirit, Daitona USA, Burnout …). Today, I play mainly on console and, more particularly, on Dreamcast and Wii U.

Rather retro, or rather neo?

Rather both. The video game culture is very broad, that’s what fascinates me. I must admit that I am very attracted by the retro, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. And at the same time, I am very interested in the emergence of all these new alternative technologies (Morphos, AmigaOs, Raspberry PI …). The mixture of genres, to obtain new creations both artistically, videoludically and technically, excites me to the highest point. I like to go back from classical concepts, to make something new, to see something unexpected. The use of modern techniques and methods to create a new game, allows me to push the boundaries of the genre without betraying its meaning.

On which platform do you work and with which technologies?

Currently I develop mainly from my Mac, with XCode, my C / C ++ IDE. For portages, I installed a triple-system, always on my Mac mini. I also program on Windows and Linux. I also use a laptop with Linux and Windows to perform various tests. To design, develop and program my games, I use a set of technology, which I group under the term "machine", and which consists of engines, libraries, interfaces, digital format. We are very far from the old school methods, it is rather a new approach with its own philosophy. Although experimental, this "machine", between maker and middleware oriented 2D, is already very advanced. All the information about this technology will soon be revealed to the public.

Can we hope to see CHOMP on other platforms?

Yes, porting to Raspberry Pi is underway, there are some changes to make, including optimizations are planned. Let’s not forget that the game is in full HD at 60 fps. Should follow a version for Android tablet, probably for after the summer. In the future, I would like to explore alternative and retro platforms such as Amiga computers.

Will there be a sequel?

Several options are under study. We have plenty of cool ideas to create extra levels with bonuses, traps and new powers. We also have the possibility to start on other arcade games from the same universe, for example "pengo" or "sweek" style games. But before that, I would like to move to other tracks, and try different types of games: adventure, race, fighting, shmup …

A few words for the end?

I am always excited to realize and discover new projects.
There is still so much to do if you know how to put aside the conventional and search the niches.
I note with joy that there is more and more original creations, material and software and especially:
the return of retro gaming force where we find real nuggets that bring the video game to the state of the art of current techniques.

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