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Content Update 2, Patch 1 for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is now live. Please see the patch notes for all changes made!

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  • Crosshair will now turn red when aimed at enemies and blue for allies, and activate at a much longer range.
  • Some team-locked customization colors have been modified for easier differentiation.
  • Ranged weapons now properly aim with the crosshair in third person. (Minor crosshair improvements in first person as well)
  • Double tap dodge is now disabled if one button dodge is enabled.
  • Selecting “random” in team select will always assign you to the team with less players when teams are uneven.


  • Game crash when trying to join a friend through Steam.
  • Server browser thinking a server is full when it isn’t.
  • Dodging out of stagger.
  • Man-at-Arms “Superjump” (kick and battlecry variants)
  • Desync with “fake” combo attacks when queuing an attack at the very start of recovery.
  • Desync causing it to be possible to attack and parry simultaneously.
  • Ranged weapon animations improved to always play correctly for others, and actually show the arrow being loaded.
  • Mason kite shield not appearing on back.
  • Kicking a player from the scoreboard works again (was blocked by requiring a reason for the kick).
  • Some achievements which were previously unreliable can now be earned properly. (Tutorial achievements still do not work!)
  • Javelin shield punch tracers more reliably match the attack.
  • CTF flag indicators should display properly.
  • Certain characters in player names breaking name display (Player123 bug).
  • Broken Malric model/textures.
  • Shield on back shadow not displaying in first person.
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