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Check out some gameplay run-through and learn our mods history!

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'Chex Trek: Beyond the Quest' is a fairly unknown title to most people, but to those who have played this Doom 3 mod are usually struck with a nostalgia that takes them back to their early days of gaming. Chex Trek is based off of an old total conversion called Chex Quest. Chex Quest was a videogame released in specially marked boxes of Chex brand cereal (the American version of Shreddies) back in 1996. It was an attempt to take advantage of the hit that was Doom... the only problem was that Doom was dark and demonic, something that a lot of parents were going haywire over. What the creators did was make a non-violent total conversion. The gameplay mechanics were exactly the same as Doom, but instead of killing anything, the player would "send the Flemoids (the enemies) back to their own dimension!" Not that it was really any different.

What was the result of such a promotional endeavor? Well, statistically, the sales for Chex cereal increased by 350%! But for many of us that pulled the Chex Quest CD out of the cereal box, it was an introduction to First-Person Shooters, PC gaming, and if you were like many who were curious why is was so similar to Doom, it introduced us to Total Conversions. Most gamer Americans who were in elementary school in 1996, if shown a picture or video of the original Chex Quest, at least remember that the game existed.

Check out this link on YouTube to watch the original intro video, let's see if you're one of those that remember. :P

Our goal with Chex Trek was to recreate today the same feelings felt when playing Chex Quest back then. Even though it wasn't violent, there was still a level of fear and thrill.

Here are a couple of videos of a straight run-through, touching on everything available to look at.

Storage Facility

Landing Zone


So from here, where does this project go? Well Chex Trek obviously didn't achieve the goals we had set. After dropping the project for a number of years and reorganizing everything once again for another comeback, Violation Flemoid has been announced! With true organization, open development, and a sweet gameplay style... any fan of Chex Quest or Chex Trek will not be disappointed.


Oh man this brings back some memories. I feel old now, thanks... :(.

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i remember this game it was like a mod for doom 95 or some thing
i think i still have it on my old pc

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