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Your mom canceled your Warcraft-account? The TV is broken? Friends out of town? Don't let boredom rule your life. Just get a new one! Chernarus Life 1.10 Ultimate hits the shelf this August, and you know you want one!

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Chernarus Life 1.10 released! No Beta anymore!

Your mom canceled your Warcraft-account? The TV is broken? Friends out of town?
Don't let boredom rule your life. Just get a new one!
Chernarus Life 1.10 Ultimate hits the shelf this August, and you know you want one!
With dozens of new features, functions and over 57 varieties, this brand new RPG-mission by Issetea and Fewo powered by is sure to destroy whatever you have left of a social life.
Within months of hard work, Chernarus Life Ultimate was carefully engineered to deliver more fun for the whole family than the leading brand of RPG-mission while also retailing at much less: it's free!

It's a total steal! And look at the features it's got!

Animal ownership

That's right everybody, Chernarus is going furry! The new version will allow you to buy, own and pet your own little farm. Keep a few boars, or any other animal, that is, in the yard, slaughter one occasionally and sell the meat for profit.
Sheeps and cows will happily provide you with wool and milk, and hens will lay eggs for you.
Just remember to bring out the cock some time. There's lots of money to be made, cowboy, and after all, what could be more fun than having your own goat?
Oh, and let's not forget the Dogs! Yes, truly man's best friend they are, and one can be yours in CL anyday. Some of you with a thing for delicacies may wanna sell them for meat, but even cooler:
They will use their sensitive noses to find anything for you. Just like Lassie, but without the overtly christian propaganda. Yes, all creatures great and small will aid you in one way or another just don't tell Peta, and never leave a copy of "Animal Farm" lying around.


Is buying your food at Walmart not manly enough for you? Do you wish there was a more challenging way to obtain steaks and fillet? We know exactly how you feel, a T-Rex doesn't wanna be fed either. So follow your primeval instincts and unleash your inner Nugent: It's time to go hunt. Stalk your prey in the lush forests of Chernarus, and shoot to kill in the eternal race for survival. No luck stalking?
As long as no preliminary injunction stops you, have your dog help you follow the scent of the boars, or any other "prey", for that matter. Their meat will sell like crack!

Deathmatch arena

Do you ever feel like your Life isn't awesome enough? Wouldn't you wanna be more like Schwarzenegger or Stallone? Well, if it's action and violence you're searching, look no further.
In our new Deathmatch arena, you may persue all your violent and destructive urges to the fullest.
There's free guns, no skill-limit, no additional respawn time, and anyone can join!
The fight for survival is on, and the badass-meter just hit max!

But who am I to tell you all this? Just try it for yourself! There's lots to be seen and done in Chernarus, anytime of the year. One day you may pilot a helicopter while doped on acid. Another day you can join either side in one of the police shootouts. There's more still. Don't wait. Start your new life today!

Here you go with the awesome new changelog:

  • added: Units and Animals can be purchased in normal shops
  • added: Unit interactions (Give commands to animals; Dogs will be in the players group)
  • added: Own animals can be slaughtered
  • added: Own animals produce resources
  • added: Dog interactions - Dogs can search for other players or animals (Useful for cops or hunting)
  • added: Hunting (There are some hunting areas; killed animals leave resources)
  • fixed: player was able to leave the guild mission area without teleporting while the mission was active
  • added: Hotkey system (available in the inventory) - Hotkeys for vehicle lock, inventory, stats, handsup, saytext, copsiren
  • added: Options included in the hotkey system - Options for inventory action, stat action, animation action, copsiren action, vehicleinfo action (the actions players have in their action menu)
  • added: Action to hit/knock down another player
  • fixed: Stun bullets can't kill anymore
  • added: Deathmatch area (Player can sign up for free; Free weapons; No Skill limit; No additional respawn time)
  • fixed: Shopkeepers are back where they used to be (Due to the arma new patch they were teleported into the water)
  • added: Vehicleinformation now show the owner of a vehicle
  • changed: Only the real owner of a vehicle (The one who bought/spawned the vehicle) can store it
  • changed: Added different kinds of refuel cans (empty, small, medium, large)
  • added: Items Map, Watch, Compass and Radio into the equipment shop
  • added: Own crimelog available in the Inventory menu
  • changed: Times are now displayed in a nice XX:XX:XX format instead of just seconds or minutes (Crimelog and Stats)
  • fixed: Death messages sometimes appeared twice
  • fixed: When upgrading skills to fast an error occured
  • added: Message when trying to collect ressouces without the needed skill (Including the needed skill level)
  • fixed: Needed skillpoints in order to buy factories didn't work (Added message including the needed skill level)
  • fixed: Player was able to rob someone without being armed (Map, Compass, Watch and Radio were weapons)
  • fixed: Auction works again
  • fixed: Player was bugged when handcuffed and then stunned

Visit to play this mission FOR FREE (It was everytime FOR FREE and it will ever be playable FOR FREE). :D


First, im new to ArmA 2, how do I search for servers? And how to I chat?

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How do you even download this thing?

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There appears to be no download at all.

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