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Hello. This version incorporates new performance and bug-fixing features ported over from the Victoria 2: Mechanics Enhanced mod, which will likely increase speed on non-v2me mods. Unfortunately Dismantlement is unavalibe for this update.

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Hello. New CheatPack update? Wild.

On the surface this update may not seem major as little new options are avalible. This update focuses on bugfixes and performance. The reason this is considered a significant update is the perofrmance yeilded in many popular mods. This update features universal V2ME optomisation which can have a big impact. Original V2ME is a mod based on HFM, yet, as you can see in the speedtest bellow (without any reduction of content) it runs faster than even HFM! CheatPack will not have this effect for all mods or those which already use V2ME, however you are likely to encouter some gains in most situations.

This version also comes with an intergrated Cleanup tag. Modders may find this useful for writing events that require this and can work universally.

Release: Here!

Originally this mod was purely to test other mods I was making. Therefore I try to keep this mod as light as possible. To Install the mod, Place the contents of the ZIP file (The mod file and .mod file) in your mod folder in your Victoria 2 game file. Activate the mod in the launcher. Can be launched with other mods. Recommend Greater Flavour Mod (GFM) or Victoria 2: Mechanics Enhanced (V2ME) for best game play.

ps. Those mods are just the tip of the iceburg in terms of Victoria 2 mods, why not try out more on the Victoria 2 Modding Server:

Given Victoria 3 is just arround the corner I'm thankful to those who have supported CheatPack over the years!


Bob Bobington

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