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Characters of the "Pandemiah" story. Some characters of course.

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Now need to introduce characters of the "Pandemiah" story. Some characters, of course.

Here you are some heroes.

Order of Father:

(Pacificators 2596)

Group Captain Gennadius "Clockmaster"

First leutenant Jezikeel

Group Captain Bogdan Pahmutov

First leutenant Sharsan

Group Captain Orfei Maximus

Protostrator Javaharlal Singh

Elf`Urr Empire:

(alien allies of Order)

Vice-admiral Ahmonet

Great ruler Senuhsert

Officer Azrael

Flagship Captain Menhotep

Special agent Totkhemris User`Kaff

Officer Dirael

Castambol Federation:

Federal president Ludwig von Karsten

Federal kantzler Deinz Zitler

Secretary Hliterz Geizeriks

Colonel Pitzel

Hauptmann Sigmund

Ambassador baron Vaviloff

Commander Arthemius

Dragon Empire:

Captain Ser`Jandaris

Prime-commander Ser`Azzrai

Ambassador Lariket

"Darkness" Terroristic Organisation:

(main evil)

Prime-commander Gabin Gabinovic

Prime-commander Habib

Sheih Al-Fardashian

Officer Jacob

Supreme leader Melchior


For now thats all. As i said, its only half list of all heroes there. About each hero you can know only from story.

Story will be ready very soon, friends. Its now near the release.

illicitSoul - - 6,280 comments

Interesting list of characters. It would be absolutely brilliant post if short descriptions/backstories/personality details could be included. Also I can see a lot of nice names.

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BagaturKhan Author
BagaturKhan - - 7,917 comments

Of course its will be.

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