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this article is about Characters , we need more characters for Stick Hara game

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we have now 12 characters of 15 for stick hara 1 ,

we need ideas for characters , so if you have an idea for character... or have an idea for a half character :) , write it in the comments ...

our characters now :

  • Subhi (Character who using three wepaons (pentagon Shooter , Mentoz and his hands)
  • Sly Hara (Character who carrying 6 special swords (Aiono , Exes , Folabo , Lozo , Hembo and Gion Sword)
  • Stick Hammer (Character who carrying a huge hammer)
  • Assassin X (Character who using 2 short swords)
  • High Confessor (Character who using strange energy)
  • Pirate King (Character who using The Great Pirate Sword_
  • Terror (Character who using a special sword)
  • Volcanis (Character who using fire attacks)
  • Android (A robot Character)
  • Gun kid (Character who can use any part of his body as a gun)
  • Spartan (Character who using a titanium spear , shield and a Roman hat)
  • O-Wad (The Strongest one who using ????? energy)
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