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He may not be a ninja turtle but he's a pretty epic tank and a kick-ass firebender!

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You may think under that hard shell lies a soft heart. You’d be wrong..and probably burned to bits. He may be slow, but damn does this turtle have crowd control for days!

He may not be a ninja turtle but he’s a pretty epic tank and a kick-ass firebender


Shocker: As soon as the lab opened this was the first weapon they worked on. Zeus wanted to add lightning to a robot even though it was slow, Iron-Turtle was the best choice. The weapon will shock nearby enemies and stun them and make them remember who Zeus was and his true power.

Freezer: Goddess of winter, Skadi was discussing with Thor about a certain weapon. Thor asked Skadi to fill the Iron-Turtle with his power. When the weapon was finished and went to testing everyone was shocked. A blizzard appeared out of nowhere and people couldn’t even move. There were ice shards flying around and even Skadi didn’t think it was gonna be this powerful.

Blazer: When Erlik heard about what happened he approached Kayra instantly. He tried to persuade Kayra to use his powers. Kayra knew Erlik was mighty enough to forge his own sun so he unwillingly accepted. Erlik filled the robot with the flame of the underworld. Flames burnt everything to a crisp, melting and destroying them. Erlik was laughing like a mad man but Kayra thought this was not fair for the competition.

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