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To customize your experience, I made a simple character creation so you can edit and pick things that will not influence the story itself but will allow you to perform tasks in your own style.

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Character creation

While some things cannot be altered (like the character's apparence) because they are tied to the story, some other things can be edited without influencing the story but at the same time allow you to perform some tasks in your own style.

That is why I have decided to make a simple character creation, other options may be added in future.

Ability scores

Ability Scores

You will start with default assigned ability scores but, should you not like them, you can slightly alter them to fit your playstyle.

If you prefer to get close and personal with your enemies, you might prefer to have higher strength and constitution, whereas if you prefer ranged fighting, raising up your dexterity might be a better idea.

None of the abilities can be raised up above 18 at the beginning, that will be possible only through the use of items or by assigning points every four levels.
Strength, Dexterity and Constitution cannot be lowered below 10, whereas the intelligence has a stricter limit of 14 because you are a wizard.

As you may have noticed, Wisdom and Charisma cannot be altered, that is because they are tied to the story (and they are not very useful to a wizard anyways) but you are free to alter them when you will level up or wear items that boost those abilities, if you choose to do so.



Traits are optional to pick, they can make your character feel more "yours" by selecting up to two traits that will grant you both benefits and drawbacks.

Those benefits and drawbacks are only numeric and do not affect the story (for now?), picking Aggressive will not make your character speak in an aggressive manner and picking Honest will not restrict you to always say the truth.
You can still choose a Honest trait and lie all the time, you would just have a negligible penalty.



Unlike traits, Flaws will only give you significant penalties, in exchange for extra Feats.

They are optional and may be a good or bad idea to pick depending on your playstyle; If you plan to always fight ranged, picking flaws that affect your strength or hit points may be a good trade off in exchange for one or two extra feats.



Feats are very different and are strictly tied to your style:
If you have a favorite school of magic, picking Spell Focus for that school would help you a lot; if you plan to fight mostly by summoning creatures to fight for you, picking Spell Focus: Conjuration would unlock Augment Summoning, another feat that boosts the strength of all your conjured creatures.

Not all feats are related to combat: Scribe Scroll is a feat that allows you to scribe scrolls of any spell you know, particularly useful if you want to make some gold or want to have extra spells when your mana is running short; while Stealthy just boosts move silently and hide skills.



You can choose your beginner spells in here, the number of spells you can choose varies depending on your intelligence.

This list only displays all the existing tier 1 spells, since the list is pretty thin for now, the description shown is pretty simple but, as the list gets bigger, I will extend the description by showing the spell details (such as duration or range) to make it easier for you to pick the spells you want to start with.



You get a certain number of skill grades depending on your intelligence, and you can use them to raise up the skills that your character knows.

Skills are not affected by just the grades you put but also by items you wear and your ability score, for instance: Concentration is an useful skill to have if you need to cast spells when enemies are near you, it is affected by Constitution, which is an ability score you want to raise up if you are often near enemies, as it ultimately affects the number of hit points your character has.

Skills are manually or automatically used in a vast number of situations, so it is impossible to have all the skills you will always need...
If you encounter an undead creature and you want to know more information about it, you will need to do a skill check on Knowledge: Religion, if you want to know whatever someone is lying or not, you will need to do a skill check on Sense Motive, and so on.



Last but not least, we have languages; The number of languages you can learn at the beginning also depends on your intelligence.

While the majority speaks common, there will be some instances of creatures speaking only their native language and you will not be able to communicate with them unless you both speak the same language.

Languages are not only useful to speak with creatures you encounter but they are also useful to decipher texts that you may find in dungeons.

That is all for today's update, thanks for reading!
Currently the lists, especially the spells you can choose, are very thin but they will get bigger as I will add more stuff in future, stay tuned for the next news!

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