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This article will take you through the phases of Gadasura, one of our demons. The name Gadasura translates to mace demon. Our artist has arranged these images for you to have a glimpse of the process we went through for the Gadasura.

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Hi, what you see below is a glimpse of the exploration and iteration of our demon Gadasura, a mighty mace demon in the universe of Raji: An Ancient Epic. Threatening as always, these demons can wreck havoc to the front lines of an enemy formation, skilled through generations of training mace combat, these demons will prove quite a challenge to Raji.

We have utilized various software's like Marmoset, ZBrush, Max, Maya to achieve the output. Below you can see various phases of what we've achieved through the iterations. To know more about the character creation/artstyle you can follow us on our Twitch channel

Indie DB Character 01

Indie DB Character 09

Indie DB Character 08

Indie DB Character 11

Indie DB Character 10

Indie DB Character 14

Indie DB Mace 07

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