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After about a month, the first chapter is almost ready.

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I've been working on this custom story for about a month, with no updates whatsoever, and now my first update is that I'm almost ready to release something for it.

I've got a few more maps to work on, then and I'll make up the second hub area (the second hub will NOT be a part of chapter one, as each hub is going to be it's own chapter, and I'm aiming for there to be at least three chapters ). Expect something later this month, however, that is subject to change. If you want something to at least look at for this mod, watch the video of the concept map, while the custom story has evolved into something much different from that, it's still nice to look at to get an idea of what the atmosphere will be. Also if anybody wants, I'll upload the concept map, which is just one, unfinished map, that I was originally going to use as a submission for the Teamnesia custom story (since it piqued my cursorily) that I decided I wanted to make into a full-fledged custom story. The concept map also has no end, if you go through the level door I believe it will crash the game, but I never actually tried, also the script was buggy and didn't work, and neither did the .lang file.

That being said, when the Chapter one eventually comes out, I hope you enjoy it, I'll try to upload some more screenshots and maybe a video when it's finished.

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