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We've changed the theme of Novum Mundus and some of you may ask 'but what to'? Well, in this post I'm giving a brief overview.

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Recently we announced we were changing the theme of Novum Mundus on taleworlds; anyone who frequents our taleworlds thread should already be aware of this, but for those who don't, I'll go into some detail here.

Well, it is certainly something some of you may like and others may not like (we're not sure what the reaction will be, and so far we haven't really had much of a reaction. Actually so far no reaction) but we're changing the theme of the mod substantially.

We're switching the mod's theme to something related to steampunk / fantasy; it will still retain realistic elements, but fantasy elements will be incorporated and will serve as a major part. But does that mean we'll be scrapping guns? Nope, quite the opposite. Guns will still be a major part of the gameplay, but weapons such as swords, shields and bows will also be a major aspect of gameplay.

We're going to have a few major factions, replacing our previously planned factions. They are, as follows:

  • The Free Peoples (Commoners)
  • The Human Empire; The Antorian Empire (Humans)
  • Warriors of Heftan Tyran, Dissidents of Antorian (Humans)
  • The Vorgestian Confederation (Oecil & Humans)
  • Nomadic Peoples of Tarkai (Oecil, Varlathinians & Primarily Humans)
  • Remnants of Eria (Varlathinians)
  • The Rangfar Cult (Varlathinians & Their Disciples)

We are also introducing Races, created through the character customisation. They are as follows:

  • Oecil (Known as Orcs by the Humans)
  • Varlathinians (Known as Elves by the Humans)
  • Humans (Don't need to explain)

The mod is still going to be heavily roleplay based, and due to that fact we've gone and written 'extensive' (extensive meaning a page or two giving a background to the world) lore for the mod for those of you who will be interested. We'll go into more detail about the lore later though.

If anyone has any suggestions concerning this change of theme, or any protests or concerns, feel free to comment. We would like to hear your opinions!

Uhtred and me spoke in detail about when we could get out our first public version, and we've come to a conclusion: we're planning a Christmas release. It will not have all the features we intend to add. Probably won't have many. But it will have some of the core features. I hope. Or basic features at the very least.

HounderKnight - - 1,660 comments


Well, I'd support this as long as the core PW/PF changes that were planned are still set to be implemented.

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RowanMaBoot Author
RowanMaBoot - - 148 comments

We intend to keep all of the core features we were aiming to integrate prior to the change of theme, plus add a few extra features.

Though, I might add, most of them won't be in the first release this christmas (we have yet to sort out what will and what will not be in the first release, hopefully me and Uhtred will be able to provide more information in the next week or so).

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Mitthrawnuruodochiss - - 246 comments

Awesome, I love the idea of having different races... will there be different classes depending on the race?

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RowanMaBoot Author
RowanMaBoot - - 148 comments

Due to limitations, we can't actually create entirely new races; the new races are created through the character customisation through selecting skins, hairs and beards (it is the closest we can get to new races). So the new races are purely aesthetic for roleplay purposes.

We are introducing architecture, classes and items specific to these races (or rather cultures), though Orcs, Elves and Humans may all train as these classes, purchase and use these items and so.

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Himjar - - 266 comments

Well i would like to suggest something about orcs like their own cultural armours*Dont know if it is added.* and elves their own armor. Humans are just humans just like native? Just to make the roleplay choose able? Yeah, you can change just in character customisation, why not add more so people can try? (not ment to be rude about this suggestions but i really look forward to this mod rightnow.)

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somepunkasskid - - 21 comments

Dead mod?

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